Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

One of the worst things that can happen in a household is getting infested with bed bugs. You might get even surprised how these critters got inside your home and wonder where they came from. 

Among the common misconceptions about a bed bug infestation is that it starts from a filthy home. Well, the truth is that no matter how clean your home is, if these critters can get inside, they will settle in any part of your home and start an infestation. 

Unlike other insects, these are not drawn to certain places because of any decaying matter. They live in any environment if they can continue to get their blood meals. 

What Causes Bed Bugs and Where Do They Come From 

Bed bugs are known as great hitchhikers, which allow them to travel from one place to another. They can easily latch onto anything like linens, suitcases, and clothes. This is the reason why they can easily end up anywhere these items are taken. It is also the main reason why infestations can start easily. 

Also, it is difficult to identify bed bug bites as they can be confused with other insect bites. Some people suffer from different allergic reaction while some do not experience reactions at all. These things make detections of infestations difficult and cause populations to grow continuously unnoticed. 

Identifying Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are reddish-brown critters that are as small as an apple seed and is about ¼ of an inch before feeding on humans. These bugs hide throughout the day on bed frames, headboards, mattress seams, mattress and box spring and cracks and crevices.  

They only come out at night to feed. Therefore, you will notice bedbug bites in the morning. They do not jump or fly but they crawl. With their size, it is difficult for anyone to feel them crawling over them. 

More about this here. 

Where are Bed Bugs Commonly Found? 

Bed bugs are found anywhere where humans spend a lot of time. They can be hiding in public transportation or any public places. Most people find them in hotel rooms where different people from different places come and go. 

Some of the common places where you can get these critters: 

  • Public transportations like trains, buses, cruise liners, buses, and taxis. 
  • City hall 
  • Office buildings 
  • Fire stations 
  • Universities and colleges 
  • Daycares 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools 
  • Police stations 
  • Federal buildings 
  • Theatres 
  • Libraries 
  • Workplace 
  • House of a relative, family member, or a friend 

How Do You Get Them? 

Given that it is difficult to get rid of bed bugs, it is only necessary that you learn how you get them. This way, you can avoid bringing them home with you and unknowingly cause an infestation. 

Below are situations when you can get them: 

  • Spending the night at a resort, hotel, or motel. 

Regardless of how well-kept or clean, your temporary shelter is, you should do a thorough hotel inspection to find any signs of these critters. Though these are not the only areas where you can pick up these bugs, they are always on the top of the list. 

  • Public transportations 

Keep an eye on these bugs when using public transportations as there are already various cases where these bugs are found in these places.  

  • Workplace 

You can also bring bed bugs from work. Knowing how these critters look like will help you identify the threat before you can bring them home.  

  • Friends staying at your home 

Be wary of possible infestations after friends stay at your home after the holidays. There is a great chance that they brought some of these critters, so you need to inspect your home after they leave.  

  • Kids bringing them to your house after visiting friends or from school 

It may seem impossible, but your kids can also bring bed bugs from school or their friend’s house. They can also pick them up from the school bus or any place where they came from. Before you let your kids get inside your home, it is best that you let them leave their things outside and you check them one by one. 

  • Second-hand furniture items 

If you tend to buy or get second-hand items and bring them inside your home, you might want to stop doing that as you will never know if the previous owners of the items had to deal with infestations. You can still bring them home if and only if you have inspected them thoroughly for any signs of these critters. 

Keep these things in mind if you do not want to deal with an infestation. If ever you still end up having an infestation, you should contact a pest management expert to help you get rid of the bugs. 

If the infestation is still controllable, you can use products that are approved under Health Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency. Achieving bed bug control is possible if you will consistently use the combination of products that are known to kill and keep bed bugs away. You can consider calling pest control experts as your last resort if the infestation is worse than expected. 

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