How to Kill Bed Bug Eggs

How to Kill Bed Bug Eggs

Unlike other pests, learning how to kill bed bugs and their eggs at home can be tricky and would take much time and effort to do successfully. They may be small flightless critters, but they are sneaky and fast-paced.

This means that despite your efforts to prevent bed bugs, they could still find a way to get into your house. However, it does not necessarily mean that taking preventive methods is useless. In contrast, it will greatly help reduce the chance of a bed bug infestation.

Learning how to kill the eggs of bed bugs aside from the adult bed bugs needs to be done meticulously. Yes, you may have done certain steps that protect you and your house from these critters, but you should always be prepared to kill the bugs and their eggs if ever they get past the defences you set up.

When thinking about a specific bed bug treatment in eliminating bed bugs, always keep in mind that there is no one specific solution. It requires the use of various products that helps not only to kill the critters but also prevent them from coming back.

The combination of treatments may include the use of chemicals, heat, sprays, and powders. However, you must know which ones are best used together to treat an infestation successfully.

How to Kill Bed Bugs and Eggs

If you are eager to learn how to kill bed bugs and eggs fast, you need to perform a bed bug elimination properly. And by properly, it means that you need to get rid of bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and all the nymphs. This is necessary since eggs can hatch and start feeding within days. If you do not stop that, you will surely experience a reinfestation.

Among the common treatments used to kill and control bed bugs are chemicals. This includes the use of sprays or insecticides. In using this treatment, hiring a professional can be an option especially if you are not familiar with the possible effects of the treatment.

If you can hire a pest control expert, it would take several treatment sessions before successfully getting rid of an infestation. Usually, they will repeat the treatment after 10 days and another treatment for 10 to 20 days. It all depends on the result of the previous treatments and the level of infestation in your home.

Since you are targeting the eggs, it will require several treatments since chemicals will less likely affect the eggs. This means that experts will have to wait for the eggs to hatch and target the nymphs before they turn into adults.

How to Kill Bed Bug Eggs Before They Hatch?

Another option for killing the eggs is to use heat. This is an effective treatment that will most likely kill the eggs even before they hatch, start feeding off you and reinfest your home.

There are different ways on how to kill bed bug eggs with heat. First is the use of portable bed bug heaters. We recommend the ZappBug Oven 2 or the ZappBug Room for treating infested items. These two are great at killing adult bugs, nymphs, and eggs.

The advantage of using portable heaters is that it uses high heat in killing the critters in all stages of life without leaving stains or residues like chemicals. A temperature reaching 46 ° C is recommended and items should be treated at a certain duration of time.

Another heat treatment method is by washing and drying your infested clothes and personal belongings. One way to do this is by sorting your clothes and putting them inside dissolvable plastic bags. These bags can go in the washer and dissolve in the water. This will lessen the risks of spreading the bugs to other rooms as you go to your laundry area.

After washing, you can then proceed to run everything in the dryer. Make sure that when washing and drying the items, it is always set in the highest heat setting to kill all bugs and eggs present in the clothes and other belongings. See to it that you will keep the clean clothes and other items away from the infested rooms and put them in a sealed bag to avoid reinfestation.

If you have a steam cleaner at home, we highly recommend its use as it can also kill bed bugs on contact. It can easily penetrate fabrics and other surfaces to reach eggs hidden carefully underneath certain items.

Unlike other treatments, steam cleaners give you the advantage of heat-treating any surface without worrying about damages. When using a steam cleaner, you should be very precise in treating every inch of your mattress and box spring. Make sure you go through every flap, seam, and fold to not miss any spot where these critters are possibly hiding.

We recommend the use of bed bug steamers like the Polti Vaporetto Smart 40 Bed Bug Steamer and Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC that are both reliable when it comes to giving off powerful steam to sanitize and kill bed bugs.

It can be used for treating couches, bed frames, and baseboards. Once done treating your entire home, you can just scrape off the dead eggs and even the adult bugs and discard them.

The accessories that come with steam cleaners let you heat-treat even the narrowest spaces in your home. In addition to these, steam cleaners also leave your floors and other surfaces amazingly clean.

After a heat-treatment, you can continue monitoring the presence of bed bugs by using detectors. Our Surge Bar is an amazing product that you can use to lure out bed bugs and trap them inside to prevent them from getting near you. It also acts as a power bar, which gives you the best of two functions in one product. Recommendations

Here at, we want to help home and establishment owners to address their bed bug infestations with the use of products that can monitor, detect, and trap the critters. Aside from addressing the presence of adult bugs, it also crucial that you exert effort in killing bed bugs.

Some of the products we recommend for heat treatment are:


If you are looking for a product that controls bed bug infestations, combining the use of heaters and pest powders is a great idea. After heat treatment, apply diatomaceous earth on all cracks and crevices to prevent the remaining bugs from coming out and spreading further. Below are other bed bug powders we recommend:  

Dealing with bed bugs is never an easy thing. You need to combine various treatments to ensure the proper elimination of the bugs. Also, putting effort into monitoring continuously after treatments will eventually give you peace of mind that the infestation has been resolved effectively.  

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