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Bed bug identification and early detection are crucial elements when trying to get rid of bed bugs. Problem is, bed bugs are very difficult to find, which is why our bed bug monitors and traps are so popular. Bed bug traps can be used to detect early infestations and track the progress of a treatment, providing you with evidence of their active presence in your home. Bed bug traps like the ClimbUp or the LightsOut can even protect you against bed bug bites during your sleep by preventing bed bugs from accessing your bed. Whether you have an infestation or fear an infestation, bed bug traps are the right product for you. They are essential to a complete integrated pest management program (IPM) and 100% pesticide-free and safe. The earlier you detect their presence, the quicker you can act and reduce the risk of them reproducing and spreading into other units or other bedrooms in your home.

Bed Bug Traps

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