About Us

Bed Bug SOS began for the same reason that you have likely arrived at our site: a bed bug infestation. Our founder, Sebastien, fell victim to bed bugs while attending university in Montreal. He quickly found out that effective solutions to these pests are hard to come by. Two weeks after an exterminator sprayed the apartment top to bottom with chemicals, the bugs returned! Desperate to permanently solve the problem, the idea for Bed Bug SOS was born.

Bed Bug SOS is Canada’s one-stop shop for all bed bug prevention and elimination products. Our goal is to help Canadians skip the long and frustrating process of banishing bed bugs from their home that Sebastien and many others have experienced. We do this in three ways:

  • Prevent: We offer a range of products that prevent your home from ever becoming a home for bed bugs. Whether your living space has been infested before or you’re just a proactive bed bug preventer, these products will keep you and your family safe from any pesky critters.
  • Monitor: Early detection is absolutely vital to a quick and easy bed bug elimination process. Even if you have never had a problem with bed bugs, being aware of the possibility of an infestation and taking steps to monitor the situation is always a good idea.
  • Detect: We feature some very sophisticated products that detect the presence of bed bugs in a structure and intercept them before they can get their next meal – your blood! This is a highly effective way of permanently dealing with the problem without the use of harsh chemicals that are not guaranteed to work.


In addition to offering Health Canada-approved products that will make your journey to elimination easier, Bed Bug SOS is committed to raising awareness and educating Canadians about this issue. It may come as a shock that the number of reported cases of bed bug infestations in North America has increased significantly in the past few years. There’s a good chance that many people who have never dealt with bed bugs before will soon be forced to face these pests. We want to help Canadians in the middle of this crisis understand the problem thoroughly and figure out their best options going forward.


The Mission

To offer Canadians the best bed bug prevention, monitoring, and detection products on the market in order to reduce damage to property, protect real estate value, and prevent the physical harm and mental stress that bed bugs can bring. We hope that by minimizing their impact and reducing their population, bed bugs in Canada can one day be a thing of the past.


Our Values

Bed Bug SOS is dedicated to helping Canadians to the best of our abilities through exceptional customer service. Each person that reaches out to us for help is given free and neutral advice by email or phone. We understand that a bed bug infestation can be an alarming situation, and we treat each case with the same care and thoroughness that we would for our own families.


How the Story Ends

After acquiring and using the very bed bug elimination products that Bed Bug SOS now offers, Sebastien was able to eradicate every trace of bed bugs from his home – permanently. Now, you can have those products shipped to you from a Canadian location with no customs fees or exchange rates to worry about. Plus, if you order using expedited shipping before 5pm, your items will leave our warehouse on the same day.


Together, we can stop the rise of the national bed bug population and make Canada a bed bug free place. Please know that you are welcome to contact us for any information on our products or questions about bed bugs in your home. Your family’s wellbeing is our priority.