Bed Bug FAQ

What to do if i'm a home owner

If you are the owner of your home, then contact your local exterminator. Be sure to call and request quotes, some of these companies know the stress you’re going through and they will sell you anything during these hard times. In terms of personal protection, we have everything you need during the pre and post extermination process. Not all exterminator offer these products and if they do, be ready to pay more.

What to do if I rent

Notify your landlord immediately, If you reside in Canada, the law stipulates that landlords are responsible for the extermination of bed bugs. The landlord will usually call the exterminator and have them come over. Visit our page Bed Bugs and the Canadian Law

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs are the best hitch hitchhikers in the world, they can latch onto your clothes, body, shoes or luggage until they reach a destination with hosts to feed on. They can be caught from a visit to a friends place, hotels, theatres or anywhere with alot of people in small quarters like student dormitories, apartment buildings, hospitals and even public transportation. Also, be vigilant when purchasing used furniture, some may contain bed bugs. 

Are bed bug bites dangerous? Can I get a disease?

No, unlike others pests like mosquitos, bed bugs do not transmit disease from one person to another. Harmful bed bug bites only occur to those with severe allergic reaction to the bite. 

Do I need an exterminator?

Exterminators are an essential part of the bed bug treatment cycle for severe cases. Be careful with exterminators though, because bed bugs are relatively new, not all exterminators know how to exterminate bed bugs effectively, therefore an exterminator with bed bug experience is important. Have a look at our exterminator page to make the right choice.  

How do I stop the itching from bed bug bites?

For quick home relief try applying toothpaste or apple cider vinegar on the bite. If you have time, go to your local pharmacy and find yourself some hydrocortisone cream and apply a thin layer on the bites, this will reduce the itch and the possibility of scarring. For serious cases when itching is so unbearable you can't sleep , consult a pharmacist about using a anti-histime like Benadryl, this will help reduce the reaction of bites. Should none of these solutions work after a few weeks, consult your family doctor

How can I tell if I have bed bugs?

Bites are usually a good indicator but not a conclusive one. Follow this link to our bed bug Identification page. You can also order bed bug monitors and traps if you're having difficulty.  

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are the most difficult pests to eradicate. There doesn't exist one particular extermination solution that will eliminate all bed bugs in you home. To get rid of bed bugs you need the help of a professional exterminator and the implementation of integrated pest management solution (performed by you the victim) to prevent, monitor and detect bed bugs. This is why at Bed Bug SOS we offer personal monitoring, prevention and detection solutions for post extermination treatment. Know that bed bugs require continuous management once the exterminator has passed, early detection is key to reduce the speed at which bed bugs multiply.

How does a bed bug look like?

Bed bugs can range from a 1.5 mm to 5.5 mm long and coloured clear-ish brown to dark brown after having fed. They have larger lower bodies which hold all the blood supported on 6 legs (2 long, 2 medium and 2 small). 

Can I see bed bugs?

Yes, about the size of an appleseed at maturity. Use a magnified glass and flashlight to detect bed bugs at earlier stages of development. 

Where do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs enjoy the dark. They can live pretty much anywhere in your home from inside your mattress/box spring, crevices, mouldings, electrical outlets, behind picture frames, in your dressers, couch, cars and etc... The most important part about bed bugs is eliminating their access to your blood by creating barriers to your bed. 

Can I prevent bed bugs with insecticides/pesticides?

Yes, however, bed bugs are becoming resistant to many of the products out there, not to mention the health hazards they pose on humans. It is always important to ask what products exterminators use. 

How can I avoid bed bugs when travelling?

Have a look at our travel page to learn about avoiding bed bugs when travelling. 

What should everyone know about bed bugs?

Know that bed bugs can happened to anyone. The biggest problem with bed bugs today is public awareness. If everyone makes an effort to reduce the presence of bed bugs in their home, then we can greatly reduce their population. Implementing bed bug management solution in your home for early detection is the first step towards national elimination.