Bed Bugs in Movie Theatres – Is It Possible to Get Bed Bugs After Watching a Movie?

Bed Bugs in Movie Theatres – Is It Possible to Get Bed Bugs After Watching a Movie?

bed bugs in movie theatresGiven that watching a movie takes about two to three hours, it is not a surprise to find bed bugs at the movie theatre. You see, most people assume that bed bugs are only found in beds and only attack when you sleep. However, this is no longer the case. Unfortunately, you can find and contract them from movie theatres. There was a certain incident where a woman was bitten by bed bugs in the movie theatre and after that, similar cases came up.

As these bugs hitch a ride on you, it is possible to find them in a lot of places. Simply hitching a ride on your clothes or bags allows these pests to crawl to another place or person and bring them to different spots for hiding and breeding. Unfortunately, this new hiding spot can be your favourite theatre. Though many believe that bed bugs only come out whenever the hosts are sleeping, they can now infest a place where people stay for hours and feed without you knowing.

Can You Get Bed Bugs From Movie Theater?

Aside from beds, another place where they hide are couches or furniture. Movie theatres obviously have seats. Another reason why you’ll most likely find bed bugs at the movie theatre is that the amount of CO2 exhaled in the room attracts these pests and lures them to you. Essentially, it is not only you who get to enjoy some food while watching a movie, but bed bugs are also having the time of their lives as they feed on you.

How Do They Get into Movie Theatres?

There is only one way for these pests to reach the movie theatre - by latching onto any of your belongings such as bags and clothes and ride with you to any place. Most likely, these bugs have hitched a ride with someone and have settled in the comforts of the theatre. You may not know it, but if your home is slowly becoming infested, these bugs may have laid eggs in your clothing or bags. The eggs alone are enough to spread bed bugs as they can turn into nymphs, then mature after a couple of weeks. In no time, they’ll be breeding and creating a colony right inside the theatre.

When you try searching for them, you’ll easily find bed bugs in movie theatre seats and all other narrow spaces in the theatre. You can spot them in areas near the seats as this allows them to reach hosts easily when they want to feed while their hosts are busy enjoying the movie.

These are the main reasons why you should wash your clothes and other items after watching a movie. Give your clothes a quick wash on a high heat setting and dry them off in high heat to make sure that any bugs or eggs on your clothing are killed. It is ideal that you also practice doing this as you’ll never know when you can bring bed bugs home from the movie theatre.

Tips for Movie Goers Who May Accidentally Go to a Movie Theatre with Bed Bugs

The following are several things you can do to avoid bringing bed bugs home from the movie theatre:

  • Bring a mini flashlight

This may seem a bit embarrassing, but it’s better to be safe than leaving the theatre itching and marked with bites. So, start a quick inspection and look for signs of bed bugs like rust-coloured stains, eggs, exoskeletons, and a strong sweet almond-like scent. If you see any or all of these signs, immediately call the attention of the manager. You can get a different seat that is free of bed bugs or get a refund and skip watching the movie.


  • Spray some insect repellent prior to going to the cinema

A better way to keep these bed bugs away is to apply any repellent. Though it hasn’t been proven to work, it can help to minimize the risk of attracting them to latch onto you.


  • Bring a seat cover

Another way to prevent these bugs from latching onto you is by simply creating a barrier. Bring a white sheet that is big enough to cover the seat. Use it prior to touching or sitting on the seat to prevent them from climbing on you. It is also advisable that you check the sheets after the movie to avoid bringing any bed bugs home.

Bring a sealable or water-soluble plastic bag where you can put the used cover to prevent any bed bugs from spreading. Wash it immediately in high heat and dry it on the highest setting to kill not only the bed bugs but the eggs as well.


  • Wear a light-coloured or white shirt and pants

This will help you see bed bugs easily.


  • Don’t carry a lot of things when watching a movie.

The more belongings you bring to the theatre, the higher the chance of letting bed bugs hide in any of them. It will also make it difficult for you to check them one-by-one as you exit the theatre.

With these tips, we hope that you won’t have to bring bed bugs home, just leaving them at the movie theatre. Just to make sure that you won't bring a single bed bug inside your home, you can use ZappBug Room where you can put your clothes, bag, and even accessories you wore upon going home from the movies.

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