Getting Bed Bugs in Books is Possible

Getting Bed Bugs in Books is Possible

bed bugs in booksAs unfortunate news for many bookworms, it is possible to get bed bugs in your books. Spending your free time reading a book has never been this terrifying - since you read the last horror book you brought home. But put your worries aside as there are tips that can help you to prevent these bed bugs from getting inside your home every time you borrow a book from the public library.

If your bedroom has never been a home to bed bugs before, then it can easily turn into one if you tend to borrow books from the public library and keep them near your bed. Bed bugs on books you have borrowed can transfer to other books you have in your shelf or on your table. Worse, they can move to your bed, settle down and prepare for their first blood meal from you.

Different Treatment Options to Try

Bed bugs and books work well together during an infestation, as books are suitable places for these pests to hide. Similar to the possibility of dealing with bed bugs in electronics, you can also deal with bed bugs hiding in some of your favourite books. It is difficult, but it is possible. Sprays aren’t an ideal solution, so you may want to try the following for killing bed bugs hiding in your books:

  1. Cold or Heat Treatment

Extreme cold temperatures can be used for killing bed bugs. However, it may take a few days for this to be successful. An ideal alternative is the use of bed bug heaters, which will not only help in killing bed bugs in your books but other parts of your home as well. Thus, it prevents a possible full-blown infestation while it is still in its early stages.

The only problem with this procedure is that it can affect the glue that is holding the books together. So, you might want to think about it again prior to using the heaters.


  1. Diatomaceous Earth

You can use a dispensing tool to use pure diatomaceous earth or a diatomaceous earth spray on your bed bug infested books and bookshelves. This will be enough to prevent bed bugs from going in and out of the shelves or moving to other places in your home without crawling through the areas sprayed with powder. It is a safe solution that won’t damage your books, won’t cause any harm to your health, and will only kill the bugs.

These treatments can also be used when dealing with bed bugs in schools or bed bugs in your office. Protecting your books, shelves, and other nearby areas where you keep your borrowed books from a possible infestation starts by using the right treatments. Continuous monitoring also helps in the early detection of bed bugs that have successfully settled in your home. Also, inform the library staff about the issue so that they can attend to the bed bug problem.

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