Bed bugs Ottawa - Here to stay?


Bed Bugs Ottawa

Bed bugs OttawaIn recent years pest companies in Ottawa have noticed a sharp rise in the number of bed bug infestation calls to their businesses. And while there have been great steps to address the issue there is another report that surfaces of an infestation and it seems that beg bugs in Ottawa may not go away. Bed bugs for Ottawa residents, particularly those that live in apartment complexes, have become a thorny issue that has managed to invade residences of all types.

From low rent neighborhoods to the finest homes in the city, no one is seemingly immune from bed bugs. However, what may not be fully understood is that bed bugs are not like other pests in terms of how they travel and differ in treatments. Property owners are struggling to understand this reality

The Source of Bed Bugs in Ottawa

It must first be understood that even the cleanest of homes, residences and hotels are not immune to bed bugs. In fact, the state of the home does not really matter. It is simply how bed bugs arrive that concerns Ottawa residents. These creatures feed almost exclusively on the blood of humans although in rare occasions they will feed on pets as well.

Bed bugs do not travel like other pests or insects as people carry them into the residences. In many cases, a person who visits a place infested with bed bugs will carry them back either on their clothes or most likely in their luggage or simply anything they carry. Once they are left in the bedroom (or any room for that matter) they will make a nest nearby and then as a person falls asleep in bed they will bite and feast on the blood.

Effective Bed Bug Treatment Ottawa Residents can Employ

The good news is that you do not call bed bug cases require the exterminator, some cases are worse than others. A great start would be to install detection traps in all of the beds in your home. Keep your room clean, which means clean all your sheets, clothing and any other washable material which can be prone to bed bug infestation. In addition, it is always a good idea to encase your mattress with a bed bug mattress cover. This will prevent bed bugs from infiltrating you mattress and it will stop them from coming out should they be hiding inside you mattress. In any case, get one ASAP!!!

An essential part about living with bed bugs is continuous monitoring, and this cannot be stressed enough. Why? Bed bugs can live up to 18 months without feeding. Therefore careful examination of traps is key for early detection. From my experience, I lived with my bed riddled with bed bug traps for an entire year.

The bed bugs in Ottawa may be here to stay, but effective and careful bed bug treatments by Ottawa residents is vital to their extermination. People need to be educated about the problem, talk about it without being judged. Only time will tell how long bedbugs will stay in Ottawa. Take action now!

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