Know your enemy - What do bed bugs look like?


Bed bug pictureBed bugs are one of the biggest fears that people have in their bedroom, so if you want to stay safe and healthy at all times you will need to know what bed bugs look like. Like any war, it is best to know you enemy. We have created a small guide that will allow you know what bed bugs look like!

How bed bugs look like?

How do bed bugs look likeOne of the most important things to know about bed bugs is that they have oval shaped bodies and they are small as well as flat. They have two antennae’s with six legs and they cannot fly (keep in mind when devising your detection system). The hair on their bodies is golden colored and this might sometimes make their bodies seem striped, even though they aren’t. The color of bed bugs is reddish brown, and the size of a bed bug can range in between 5-6 mm. Take a look at our bed bug life cycle page

If you are wondering what do baby bed bugs look like, then you need to know that they appear roughly the same, the only difference being is that they are smaller, around 1-4 mm in length and are golden or white colored until they feed. Another important characteristic of what do baby bed bugs look like comes from the fact that they are smelly, because they have a special gland that secretes that smell.

An important thing to note is that the bed bug eggs look like being pearl white in color and they are very tiny. You can easily identify them as they leave a spot on the bed, so all you have to do is to search for such marks and you will immediately find the bed bugs you seek. Remember eggs are one of the hardest things for exterminators to handle.

What do bed bugs look like on a mattress?

Bed bug on mattress Usually, you will find some red stains as well as some dark spots, maybe some eggs and their shells which are usually left out by the bed bugs. In addition, like snakes, bed bugs lose their outer skin when growing from one state of larva to the next. So, as long as you can find these traces, do whatever it takes to clean the mattress and remove the bugs as fast as possible. As you can see, wondering what do bed bugs look like to the human eye is no longer a problem, because now you have the answer. Once identified, the next step is protection (explained below)

The life cycle of a bed bug

Beg bugs don’t have a very long life to begin with, but they do go through 5 stages before they reach maturity. In fact, they start with the egg stage, and they go through the 5 nymph stages in which their length increases from 1.5 mm to 2, 2.5, 3 and then 4.5 mm, which is the final step before reaching maturity.

If you were asking yourself how bed bugs look like, then reading this article should definitely answer all of your questions. Do remember that you have to know how to identify bed bugs, as this is the only way to deal with them successfully!

Bed bug traps

Bed bug traps

One simple and effective way to detect bed bugs is using the ClimpUp bed bug interceptor. This tool prevents bed bugs living in areas outside of the mattress, box spring or bed frame form entering your bed. Inversely, any bed bug trying to escape you mattress, box spring or bed frame will also be trapped in the ClimpUp interceptor. The Climup is one of our bestselling traps. In addition to the ClimpUp, Buggybeds are always recommended as they are easy to use and effective in the detection of bed bugs. These can be found at:

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