Bed Bug Toronto: Still Tops the Worst Cities with Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Toronto: Still Tops the Worst Cities with Bed Bugs

Another year has passed and Toronto is still named as the top city with the worst bed bug infestation. Bed bugs Toronto is still a problem and the battle against this pesky pest continues. The city still has the most number of treatments done in a year, which made it stay on the top spot of the list.

What Keeps Toronto on Top of the List?

Of all the lists where the city can be included, being on the list of those with bed bug problems is not something to be proud of. The pest control company Orkin Canada releases a list of cities with the worst bed bug infestations. Its criteria are based on the number of treatments that each city gets from the company.

Bed Bugs are Found in Both Businesses and Private Homes

The city has a lot of recorded incidents where bed bugs were discovered in both commercial and residential establishments. These incidents are considered as a major factor why the city has been topping the list for years now.

There were cases where a police station was infested because a prisoner brought the bugs in. In a short period, the building was infested and has been an ongoing problem ever since. Aside from the police station, several business establishments were also affected by the outbreak.

Office buildings and hotels were also affected by the bed bug epidemic Toronto. It’s a cycle. If a worker or employee of the building brings in the bed bugs, it can easily start a bed bug infestation Toronto. These insects move easily and without knowing, a building starts facing the problem continuously.

Aside from buildings, homes are also easily infested by these critters. Most people have them in their apartments and homes. These critters are found around the city and have been causing small to massive infestations that affect a lot of people. It can spread easily while bed bug bites may cause allergic reactions and stress to people affected.

How to Handle Growing Infestations

Before using any bed bug products Toronto, you should get professionals to conduct a thorough bed bug inspection Toronto first. If you can’t call an expert, you should know how to inspect your home to find traces of these pests.

Proper bed bug preparation Toronto before treating infested items to prevent the bugs from spreading. You should know how to handle infested items like putting them inside sealable plastic bags before discarding them. The last thing you want to happen is your neighbours getting the bugs as they come in contact with your infested belongings.

Other things that you can do are by following some of the rules below:

  1. Never Put Anything You Got from The Outside on your Bed

Since these insects can burrow into your belongings, you should never put your bags or even your used clothes on the bed after coming home. Put them inside the washing machine and dry them in the hottest possible setting.

  1. Always Check Second-Hand Items

If you like getting second-hand items, you should always check them before bringing them inside your home. It is highly recommended that you avoid getting second-hand items just to avoid bringing these critters.

  1. Heat-Treat Items You Brought Home from Travelling

Travelling is among the common ways of bringing home bed bugs. Get a unit of heat-treating equipment where you can put all your stuff right after taking them out of your luggage. You can also include your luggage in heat treatment just to kill bed bugs that hitchhiked on it.

If you can’t immediately heat-treat them, put your stuff inside plastic bags and seal them properly. This can prevent the bugs from crawling inside your home and finding a spot where they can breed.

  1. Wash Sheets Regularly and Use Bed Bug Mattress Covers Toronto

Beds are the common hiding places of these insects since they can easily reach you to get their blood meal. This is the main reason why you should regularly wash your sheets. Wash them in high heat to kill any bugs and eggs clinging on them.

Also, an effective pest control method that you can do is using bed bug covers Toronto for both mattress and box spring. Choose a bed bug mattress cover Toronto that is bed bug proof, dust mite and allergen-proof.

In addition to these methods, try to declutter to lessen the spaces where these bugs can hide. This will also help you in treating every nook and cranny in your home and kill the bugs in all stages of life.

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