Bed Bug Scarborough: Continuous Struggle in Beating Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Scarborough: Continuous Struggle in Beating Bed Bugs

Making it to the top 6 in the list of cities with bed bug problems, the struggle continues in dealing with bed bugs Scarborough. Bed bug cases keep on increasing not only in the Greater Toronto Area but also in a lot of places. This increasing number of cases is pushing a lot of residents and even highly trained exterminators to try pest control services to prevent these pests from spreading.

It’s a sad fact that these pesky critters are not only present in households, but also other establishments and public means of transportation. Every day, people are exposed to these critters without knowing.

One can bring home these insects by simply sitting in your favourite restaurant, going to the movies, or taking the TTC. As much as residents want to avoid bringing these pests to their homes, it’s difficult to know which areas are infested.

Bed Bug Control Scarborough: How Is It Being Dealt With?

These bugs can hide discreetly behind picture frames wallpaper, inside drawers with clothes, and in mattress folds and seams. Unless you’ve seen them alive or have experienced bites, it is the only time when you can start thinking that your property is being infested.

As Toronto Health Inspector Wayne Fletcher told people during a meeting in Scarborough, it is better if the problem is dealt with at the earliest time possible. This means that property owners must act immediately once they suspect an infestation.

A senior resident at the Scarborough’s Birchmount Bluffs Neighborhood Centre shares her experience that she can’t move furniture for treatments to kill these insects, especially hidden eggs.

Experts say that people have to do various things differently to defeat these insects. Since there is an increasing chance that these pests are developing resistance to some insecticides, people have to use various products to control pest problems.

Though choosing to get the services of bed bug exterminator Scarborough can help, residents still play an important role in continuously monitoring the pest issue. Depending on the level of the infestation, a single bed bug treatment may not be enough to kill all adult bed bugs and their eggs.

Products like Diatomaceous Earth can be sprinkled around treated rooms and inside cracks and crevices to act as a barrier and achieve pest control. This will prevent bed bugs that are hiding in these narrow spaces from going out and moving to other hiding spots. Use this powder with a powder applicator to avoid making a mess during application.

The use of mattress covers is also highly recommended during these times as these prevent the escape and entry of bed bugs on your mattress. This also contributes to saving your mattress instead of throwing it away after an infestation. Plus, it saves you from getting bitten at night as you sleep.

Also, throwing your mattress only increases the risk of spreading the bugs to your neighbourhood or to people who might get interested to bring it home. Using a mattress encasement is an eco-friendly

Other things that you can do is safely discarding infested items by putting them in sealable plastic bags before throwing them away. This way, you can prevent the bugs from spreading it to other people.

If you tend to pick up used furniture or items off the street, you might as well stop the habit. This is among the common ways of bringing home bed bugs and either start infestation or worsen the infestation you already have.

Preventing and Dealing with Bed Bug Infestations

Keep in mind that dealing with bed bug infestation requires the use of various solutions. You can combine the use of several products to control an infestation and permanently keep these bugs away from your home or business.

Even after your exterminator guarantees that there are no longer bugs in your property, continuous effort in keeping them off your property is one sure way to end an infestation.

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