Suicide Bed bugs


An unfortunate event caused by bed bugs. People forget about the psychological affects that bed bugs can cause to their victim. In this case a 62 year old woman committed suicide because she had been living with bed bugs. I must mention that although she committed suicide, she did have a history of psychological problems but it just goes to show how bed bugs can put a fragile person over the edge. Some of the psychological consequences associated with bed bugs are the following:

  • nightmares
  • flashbacks of the infestation
  • hyper vigilance (to keep the bugs away)
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • avoidance behaviours
  • personal dysfunction 
  • depression

Having lived with bed bugs once before, we understand how one feels when going to bed at night. Traps, monitors and encasements are all tools that can greatly increase your quality of sleep by offering you protection and a sense of safety at night. Have a look at our product section for more details.

Suicide following an infestation of bed bugs - PMS - May 29th 2013

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