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Toronto Sun - Bed Bugs when Traveling

For most, the thought of catching bed bugs while traveling doesn't even cross our minds. We have been privileged to be living in a world free of bed bugs over the past decades, however, we have seen an dramatic increase in bed bug reports. Although not clear why, we presume that increased traveling is a very logical reason for their resurgence. This is why it's important to take precautionary measures when away on vacation or business to avoid bringing bed back into you home. Once your home is becomes infected it is very difficult and costly to remove, bed bugs are the hardest pest to eradicate and for that reason you will want to check you hotel room and prepare yourself next time you leave home. The investment is minimal compared to the impact of bringing them home. Some people say they will know if they have been bitten by bed bugs while away, however some people don't react to bed bug bites and you may never know you have them until you bring them back home and you find out your wife, girlfriend, roommate or kids have been bitten and react.

For toronto residents, the article concludes with a extermination company that offers a few tips on heat treatment.

Our recommendations:

When traveling, always prepare yourself adequately before you leave. This means bringing the right tools in case you suspect bed bugs are around. In any case, use our traveling checklist to prepare yourself and our identification checklist when you first check-in your hotel room. Remember, the first thing you do upon entering your room is to place all luggage in the bathtub, bed bug have no reason to be nest around there.

If ever you suspect having brought bed bugs back into your home but are unsure yet, try installing our various traps and monitors around your bed to detect the presence of bed bugs. *Remember, early detection is KEY!!!!


Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite - Toronto Sun - August 2nd 2013 

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the sun and warm weather. What better way to de-stress than to go on vacation? Unfortunately, the relaxing summer trip you’ve got planned could quickly turn sour if you stumble across bed bugs.

Many vacationers don’t realize that traveling is the number one way bed bugs get into your home. Have you done any research on your travel accommodations to determine if they’re bed bug free? Most people don’t. Plan ahead to ensure your trip is the stress-free vacation you’ve been imagining.

If you are one of the unfortunate travellers to return home with bed bug stowaways, act quickly. Taking swift action is essential to curbing your infestation. Call a licensed bed bug removal company immediately. Unlike many common household pests, bed bugs are virtually impossible to exterminate without professional assistance.

Extreme heat has proven to be the most effective treatment. We don’t mean dialing up your thermostat a few degrees. Bed bug heat treatments raise the temperature of your home to over 45° C. At this temperature, bed bugs and their eggs are unable to survive. Best of all heat treatments target the entire infested area, so there’s no escape. Heat treatments are also completely safe and eco-friendly.


To find a reliable exterminator, seek a company that provides proof of licensing and insurance. Alex Dayan, Director of the Bed Bug Removal Division for MagicalPestControl recommends asking the following questions when seeking a heat treatment:


  • Do they use thermal blankets to protect your belongings?

  • Do they remove sensitive items from your home that may get damaged by heat?

  • How do they ensure that all bed bugs are killed and don’t spread to other areas?

  • Do they have a service guarantee?


Magical Pest Control is a licensed and insured pest control company that has been servicing Ontario for over 15 years. Magical prides itself on being the first company in Ontario to offer proven ThermaPureHeat treatment for eliminating bed bugs. They offer same day service and a 90-day guarantee to ensure bed bug problems are resolved immediately. If your summer is interrupted by these troublesome critters, call Magical Pest at 905-738-6676 or visit You can also find them on They’ll take care of your bed bugs so you can get back to enjoying your summer.

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