A story: When bed bugs bite


More people need to talk about bed bugsThis is an article of a man who painfully admits to having bed bugs. He begins by introducing himself like a new member of an AA meeting admitting they have a drinking problem. Although his satirical comment seems benign, alot of bed bug victims feel this way, embarrassed to admit that bed bugs have invaded their homes. Anxiety, depression, high levels of stress and in rare cases suicide are common issues with bed bugs. For those of you who have or had problems with bed bugs, I suggest you read this. I myself a bed bug survivor felt relief knowing someone else feels the same way. I must give credit to the author for "coming out" and going public with his bed bug problem, too many people neglect informing others of their or neighbouring bed bug problems. If everyone was informed like you must be at this point, bed bugs can become a problem of the past. 


Our recommendations:

In this case we would recommend basic protection, prevention and detection tools:

  • Mattress encasement
  • Box spring encasement
  • Pillow covers
  • ClimbUp inceptors
  • Bed Bug alert by Bird-X 


Watching the Watchdog: Confession of a Bedbug Host - Huffington Post - July 15th 2013

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