Montreal Bed Bugs


Bed bugs MontrealSince the resurgence of bed bugs, Montreal has been notorious for their high level of infestations. Over the past 3 years, the bed bug population has remained stable with an estimated 12 000 homes treated and over 30 000 have used pest control specialist for inspection since July 1st 2011. The boroughs affected are not disclosed to avoid soiling the reputation of a particular area, however the highest levels of bed bugs appear in high density housing. For those who have been affected, it is almost embarrassing to talk about it, and for those who are open about it have seen a decrease in their social lives.

One major problem in Montreal, but not exclusive to Montreal, are the disputes between landlord and tenant. There is always confusion between who pays for the exterminator and what kind of extermination is used. For example, some pest control specialist use pesticides that can be harmful to your health and when bed bugs strike, its your landlords who chooses the exterminator, therefore the tenant is in the obligation to use the landlords exterminator service which might not always take into consideration the tenants health. Landlords must also understand that we bed bugs have been identified in one dwelling, he should also inspect all other dwellings in the home, not only the one which has been infected. Logically speaking the landlord should use pest control specialists in the contaminated apartment and all other surrounding it to eradicate bed bugs that might still be alive in the walls. Have a look in our bed bug info section to understand bed bugs and the Canadian Law.

According to the city of Montreal there is an estimated 20 000 homes that have bed bugs. Everyone across the country should take precautionary measures, whether its calling an exterminator to inspects or other low cost solutions such as bed bug monitors and trap you need to do your part to completely eradicate these pesky critters.

No drop in bed bugs over the last three years - Montreal Gazette - May 14th 2013

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