Why are Bed Bugs Such a Difficult Pest to Get Rid of?

Why are Bed Bugs Such a Difficult Pest to Get Rid of?

Among the most notoriously difficult pests to deal with are bed bugs, and unfortunately, their population is increasing in different places. However, the good news is that there are now a lot of ways on how you can completely get rid of them. Yes, it takes collective efforts, but all of these will all be worth it in the end as these pests leave your home permanently.

Reasons Why Bed Bugs are Hard to Deal With

There are various reasons why bed bugs are hard to eliminate. One of which is that they won’t leave you alone because they prefer human blood, and another reason is that they multiply quickly. Without addressing the issue at once, you might find yourself stuck in a huge infestation by the time you find the right treatment. Other reasons are the following:

  1. Their Size

The fact that these bugs are as small as the size of an apple seed, flat and can squeeze themselves into any narrow spaces. Once they’ve hidden in your home, they can either go hiding for a long time after one meal or keep feeding off you every night.

Their small size makes it easy for them to hide under the floorboards, electrical switch plates, or even behind loose wallpaper. For a treatment to work and considered successful, it should find and kill each and every bed bug, which is a tedious task.

  1. They Multiply Quickly

During her lifetime, one adult female can lay a maximum of 500 eggs. Within several months, these eggs can eventually reproduce and add more to their population. Even bedbugs introduced into new environments can multiply rapidly. In a year and even with great living conditions, three to four generations of bed bugs can settle in.

  1. Goes without Feeding for a Long Time

No host is required for them to feed all the time. Most of the time, adult bugs can live for more than a year without feeding, while nymphs may last for a few months, this is why the idea of just leaving the infested area for them to starve will not help and will never discourage them.

  1. They are Increasingly Becoming Resistant to Pesticides

Given that most pest professionals use pesticides as a part of their bed bug treatments, bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides. Even good pest professionals offering expensive treatments have a hard time dealing with bed bugs. That being said, bed bug victims should also do their part to get rid of bed bugs effectively.

What Can You Do About Bed Bugs?

Though the go-to solution for bed bug related issues would be a pest control agency, it is costly and time-consuming. So, what should you do? Just what the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. With this said, if you’ve never experienced bed bugs in your home or have had years before, preventative methods will help.

Always remember that unlike other insects, bed bugs will rarely stay on your body and do not travel like other insects. They latch on any of your belongings and then move on to a new place like any household items or furniture when the opportunity strikes.

One of the best preventative tips that you should keep in mind is that you should be extra careful when you can bringing home any secondhand items and even new ones you brought from travelling. Leave them in your garage or backyard first. Spray them with insecticides, put them in plastic bags or wrap them with plastic to prevent the bugs from escaping and roaming your home.

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