Will Bed Bugs Stay In One Room

Will Bed Bugs Stay In One Room

For such small critters whose life is mostly sedentary, it is amazing how bed bugs are quite fast. Even if they don’t work out, they are as fast as Usain Bolt if you consider the size of their body versus the distance they can cover. This is why if bed bugs live in one room in your house, they can spread to other rooms sooner and later.

How quickly do these bed bugs spread from room to room? It will depend on whether they go there using the power of their own feet or if they hitchhike. These tiny creatures can move at a notable speed of 20 feet in 5 minutes. This is the reason why you should pay attention to every single room if you want to kill bed bugs once and for all.

Bed Bugs and How Fast They Spread Around Rooms

Bed bugs lay around 1 to 12 eggs per day and about 200 to 500 eggs in one lifetime. These numbers are enough to tell you how long it will take to have a bed bug infestation. It doesn’t really take a long time for the problem to blow out of proportion so you will be much better off if you contact a pest control company for treatment and inspection as soon as you can.

Bed bugs rely on meals from their warm-blooded hosts, normally humans, for them to survive. They also hide near their food sources until they feed again. How fast bed bugs move from one room to another partly depends on the length of time before an infested piece of clothing, furniture, luggage, or other items is moved from one room to the next. Bed bugs also move around the house looking for other hosts. Under favourable conditions, they can continue breeding no matter where the item is moved.

How Bed Bugs Disperse from One Room to Another

Bed bugs are quite flat and small, making it easy for them to crawl between voids in electrical sockets, walls, and other cracks and crevices. If you sleep in a different room, these bugs can find you through the carbon dioxide you emit while sleeping. They can get to you through hallways, walls, and other possible ways.

Bed bugs can also climb walls to reach their food sources. There are three primary factors why bed bugs end up spreading from one room to another.

  • You started to sleep in another room hoping to fool the bugs and run away from them.
  • You were too anxious about bed bugs biting you that you tried to move around and shift most of your stuff.
  • You placed several bed bug bombs in the room to solve the issue even before it started.

All these mistakes only increase the chance of spreading home bed bugs in different rooms of the house.

Can You Contain Bed Bugs in One Room?

It is natural to start cleaning right away once you identified an infestation. This process can take some time. You need to inspect the room using a fine-toothed comb. But, if you are working, you will never have the luxury of time to finish a deep clean.

The process takes some time so you might feel tempted to try isolating these bugs in a room, monitoring them and observing how long it will take before they die.

Sadly, it takes an exceptionally long time before bed bugs starve. Therefore, isolation is not an effective way to deal with an infestation. Aside from that, it is virtually impossible to isolate one room from other parts of the house.

This is because of several reasons:

  • Bed bugs can easily crawl through walls and pipes in the attempt of finding food. Cracks in ceiling and floors are also perfect for them.
  • Your pets will be more than happy to get inside the room unless the door is locked.
  • You will only take the bugs with you if there are bugs or they lay eggs on your belongings or clothes.
  • It is quite convenient to quarantine one room, such as the living room. It is much better to deal with the issue straight on.

Bed bugs find you attractive for many reasons that it is almost impossible to guarantee that they won’t get near you. You can lock your door and dispose of the key but they will still find you just to get their blood meal.

You need to address the problem instead of letting it worsen or else, bed bugs will find you faster than what you can ever imagine.

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