The State of Bed Bugs in Toronto

The State of Bed Bugs in Toronto

It’s an annoyance at best and a health concern at worst – bed bugs in Toronto are a common problem.

While the presence of bed bugs in the area has fluctuated over the years, there are always concerns about a bed bug epidemic flaring up. These pests are an unsanitary, unsightly, and unhealthy threat to have to deal with.

Toronto residents and public health officials have worked to make it easier to identify these pests, and to fight back against the influx of bed bugs which have become common at some points in the area.

A Problem Residents Know Well

Infestations are the type of issue that presents multiple concerns. Toronto has been known for high levels of bed bugs in the past, a trend that has put people in the area on alert. For years, Toronto homes and even buildings like high-rises have been dealing with bed bug infestations.

Because of the growing concern, safety officials in the area have worked to spread information on how to identify bed bugs and on how to deal with them. Most people in the area are familiar with the bugs based off their appearance alone. Strategies for dealing with infestations include protective covers on box springs, mattresses and pillows, vacuuming both carpets and rugs often and attempting to detect them earlier than later.

Bed bug infestations can also be spotted by other clues. These include things like blood specs on carpets and fabrics, as well as the presence of small amounts of feces.

What Issues Does the Problem Present?

Many residents find themselves looking for a bed bug report or information release whenever the next string of cases is found. This is because bed bugs can find their way into even the most secure locations, and they present several threats to residents.

Bugs can hide in bedsheets and clothes, serving as a nasty surprise. They can also present health concerns, as their presence on skin can lead to irritation and rashes.

Different areas are known to experience different levels of infestation. While some locations only see these pests pop up occasionally, others deal with the problem on a regular basis.

How Prominent Are Bed Bugs in Toronto?

A recent report states that in 2017, Toronto is one of the top-three cities in Canada in terms of bed bug infestation. Travelers are also wary of bed bugs since they sleep in new places often. For dealing with bed bugs as a traveler, tips include staying at high-ranked hotels, keeping luggage away from beds, and washing travel clothes separately from regular clothes.

The presence of bed bugs has gotten so bad, experts warn they may even become common in areas other than homes and hotels. Public buildings, businesses, and even public transport can fall victim to bed bug infestations.

How Residents Are Staying Safe

Residents in the area must know what to look for, and how to inspect their area for the presence of bed bugs. For anyone who is contending with a bed bug problem as a resident in an area like Toronto, tenant rights are a popular topic to research. They help reveal information about what building owners must reveal to prospective tenants, and the degree of responsibility they have in the case of an infestation.

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