Bed Bug Extermination and Treatment Costs

Bed Bug Extermination and Treatment Costs

Bed bug treatment costBed bugs are the last thing you want to spend your hard-earned money on. Unfortunately for victims, the bills can add up pretty fast when trying to exterminate bed bugs. Here is a breakdown of the real cost of bed bugs.

Visual or Dog Inspection

When an exterminator comes to inspect, he might only come for 20 minutes but charge you for the full hour. Prior to his visit, make sure to clarify the rates and time needed for the full inspection. The average cost for a bed bug inspection from a pest control specialist can range from anywhere between $100 to $800 depending on the size on the building. Be ready to pay more for dog inspections.

Average Cost of Bed Bug Treatment

Prices for extermination range depending on the reputation, size of the company, and type of extermination. Heat treatment is usually more expensive than fumigation/spray, but gives you the peace of mind that there are no chemicals being sprayed in your home. Should you decide to have your home sprayed, expect to spend some time away to let the residue from the chemicals settle. The industry average for extermination can range from $0.50 to $2 per square foot, depending on the type of treatment. The least you will pay on average is $500. We've also seen companies charge based on the number of rooms. For example, the price of a full treatment for a 4-bedroom home – including steam treatment as necessary – can range between $799 and $2500.

bed bug extermination and treatment costs

Replacing Furniture, Linens, Mattresses, Carpets, Curtains, etc.

Mattresses, box springs, bed frames, couches, linens, and clothing are only some of your household goods that might need replacing, depending on the severity of your infestation. To avoid having to throw out your mattress, box spring, and pillows, use encasements to protect them – this way you will never have to throw out your mattress.

Medical Expenses from Bed Bug Bites

Are you familiar with the expression “time is money”? Well, this applies for us Canadians. We spend very little in medical expenses compared to the USA, but on the other hand we spend a lot of time waiting at the hospital.

Legal Fees from Lawsuits Filed by Customers, Guests, or Employees

Know your rights! Check out the “Bed bugs and the Canadian Law” page for more info.

Social Impact and Loss of Reputation Regarding the Quality and Sanitation of the Establishment or Your Home

When bed bugs invaded Nuns Island near Montreal, residents became labelled as bed bug carriers, whether you had bed bugs or not. As a result, some residents of Nuns Island were no longer being invited to social gatherings. This is just a small example of how bed bugs take a bite out of your reputation.

Being Added to the Online Bed Bug Registry for the Entire World to See

Whether you’re in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, or Montreal, bed bug registry is there! No one wants to be found here.

You can reduce the financial burden of bed bugs by keeping your living area clean and clutter free, by installing various bed bug monitors and traps for early detection, and by protecting your mattress with bed bug mattress covers. We cannot emphasize this enough: too many people wait to take necessary precautions, which ultimately causes greater infestation and costs you more money. Bed bugs can take a real bite out of your wallet if you’re not careful.

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