Interceptors – Why are These the Most Important Products When You Have Bed Bugs?

Interceptors – Why are These the Most Important Products When You Have Bed Bugs?

Many are not aware of how well bed bug interceptors work, but what they are missing is that interceptors are among the most important products when dealing with bed bugs. Based on this study, it was found that low-level infestations do not necessarily require the use of pesticides. The infestation can be controlled and even eliminated by solely using interception devices.

Do bed bug interceptors work? This study is the first to prove that interceptors or traps used for capturing bed bugs are not only effective in detecting the presence of the insects but can control a potential infestation, especially in the early stages.

During preliminary research, it was found that by using interceptors, the population of bed bugs that were being monitored was unexpectedly decreasing in contrast to the growth models that they have. Despite this result, another study was conducted to determine whether the interceptors contributed to the bed bug elimination as what the first study showed.

They used a mass-trapping technique, where it was proven that the interceptors contributed to the decrease of bed bug population in apartments. The entire research lasted for 16 weeks and all tested areas had low-level infestations. The results of the study recommend that interceptors be placed all over the dwelling to get rid of the insects faster, as it also prevents them from reproducing and increasing their population.

Though there are many who are still skeptical when it comes to using popular bed bug interceptors, the study shows that they work effectively as monitoring tools. It is still underestimated and the industry hasn’t embraced its use yet. It can be considered to be more important than chemicals. It is best used for multi-family housing units, as these units are likely to get bed bugs easily. The insects may crawl through cracks and crevices and interconnecting structure materials.

Learning how to use bed bug interceptors in your home or housing units can make them more effective. The results of the study prove why you should make bed bug interceptors an important part of your bed bug treatment to attain relief, especially if the infestation is still in its early stages.

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