How Do You Know if the Exterminator Services Worked?

How Do You Know if the Exterminator Services Worked?

The key to an effective bed bug extermination is by working with the pest management professional (PMP) closely. You should be cooperative throughout the extermination process as it will not only make the extermination effective but will also make the eradication cut to a only few follow-up treatments. Usually, the PMP will talk to you about the entire process and will let you know if follow-up treatments are required or if only a second visit is required.

Relying on bed bug exterminator reviews aren’t enough to know if an exterminator can completely eliminate the problem in just one go. The number of treatments needed depends on the level of infestation in one’s home.

How to Determine if the Bed Bug Exterminator Services Worked

Everyone has expectations after the bed bug extermination treatment. This is why the most common question asked by many is how they can determine if the service has worked. Some will also ask how they can determine if there are no longer bed bugs in their home. One way to tell if the service worked is if there are no signs of the pests lingering or signs of biting for at least 3 weeks after the treatment. However, there are certain factors that may affect the results of the treatment, such as the following:

1.      Size of the Infestation

One must consider thinking about the size and severity of the infestation. The larger size and higher severity means that it’s more difficult to treat. When bed bugs spread or move away from their original hiding spots, it only increases the locations that require treatment. Thus, the results may vary after the initial treatment.

2.      The Type of Treatment Used

Another factor that affects the results after an exterminator service depends on the type of treatment used. Insecticides may require several applications whereas heat treatment may only require one. However, re-treatment is necessary if there are affected areas that were not completely treated or if the bed bugs were accidentally re-introduced to other areas in your home.

3.      The Meticulousness of Performing the Treatment

This is an important factor that proves the effectiveness of the exterminator service. Without meticulously performing the treatment in all infested areas, re-infestation may develop in another area or in the same area after the service. It may affect the timeline that you expect for your home to be free from bed bugs, as multiple treatments will be required if the treatments were ineffectively provided.

4.      The Type of Home or Living Unit

Multi-family housing units are more susceptible to bed bug infestations and are more challenging to treat. This is why you should talk to the landlord or property manager and ask for everyone’s cooperation to make the treatment more effective. If your unit is confirmed to be infested, the exterminator will most likely ask for the adjacent units to be inspected as well.

The Importance of Monitoring to Know the Results of the Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Since you are trying to assess the results of the extermination service, it is necessary that you monitor the presence of bed bugs periodically. How can you do this? One way is to use bed bug monitors. You will need to place them in the most susceptible dwelling areas in your home to know if there are any remaining bed bugs.

Also, if you were allowed to sleep in the treated areas, it is safe to use mattress encasements or get a complete bed bug protection kit for your bed to prevent the remaining pests from reaching you as you sleep. The kit will include a box spring cover, mattress cover, and pillowcases to keep you protected from bed bugs while you sleep.

Even if you get the most expensive extermination services, it is necessary that you exert time and effort in monitoring the results of the treatment and determine if your unit, room, or home is now free from bed bugs.

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