How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs into an Apartment

How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs into an Apartment

There are two types of bed bug infestations: One is when the bed bugs march right into your home and start an infestation, while the other one crawls in your brain, never leaves, and causes paranoia.

You will always be reminded of the feeling as if something is itching, but nothing is really there. It’s being paranoid knowing that your neighbours are dealing with bed bugs and you are all alone in finding ways on how to prevent bed bugs in apartments.

Though your initiative in resolving the bed bug problems is good, you must remember that the property manager is responsible for addressing such issues. You should let your landlord know about the problem in the rental unit and prevent the bugs from moving from one unit to another by getting the place treated immediately.

How Does a Bed Bug infestation in an Apartment Building Start?

Bed bugs can easily get into apartment buildings by latching onto mattresses, pieces of furniture, and even clothing. Once they get into any room, they will start crawling from one room to the next.

Sometimes, they get into adjacent apartments by crawling their way through small holes or cracks in ceilings, under doors, or in walls. Since they don’t have wings, they won’t be flying or jumping from one apartment to another.

Preventing Bed Bugs in Apartments: Things You Can Do

Knowing that there are bed bugs in the apartment next door will surely alert you, making you research ways on how you can prevent them from entering your room. So to get started, some of the things you can do are the following:

·         Always be aware of your surroundings.

It pays off if you always stay alert within your surroundings and check on everything that could possibly be infested. Stay away from areas that you know are heavily infested or are dealing with an infestation.


·         Check secondhand items prior to bringing them home.

Secondhand items are cost-efficient, however, you will end up spending more than the item you bought if you get an infestation after bringing the item inside your home. Whether the secondhand item is a piece of furniture, clothing, or bedding, make sure that you check for bed bugs prior to paying for it.


·         Never bring in items disposed of by others.

It may be tempting to take disposed items left outside your apartment building, but always remember that there is a reason why they disposed of it - regardless if it still looks new. One of the many reasons is that the item may be bedbug-infested.


·         Always inspect luggage after travelling.

You will never know if any bed bugs have latched onto your bags or luggage during your travel, so it is best that you inspect your belongings carefully. Do this prior to bringing them inside your apartment.


·         Keep your apartment clutter-free and use sealable containers for items you seldom use.

One way to prevent bed bugs from crawling inside your apartment is by making it less livable for them. How? Clean up all the clutter and store all items you seldom use in sealable containers. Also, make it a point to wash and dry your bedding regularly on high heat.  Do a regular checkup of your furniture and bed for any signs of infestation. Protect your mattress and box springs by getting a mattress encasement and box spring cover.

Other ways you can monitor bed bug activities in your room is through the use of bed bug interceptors that you place under your bed posts or furniture legs. When using interceptors, see to it that you keep your furniture and bed away from the walls. Don’t let any of your bedding touch the wall or fall out of your bed as these can be used by bed bugs to climb up your bed.

Also, look for small cracks and openings where you can fit a credit card. These tiny spaces can all turn into hiding spots for these pests, so caulk the cracks to prevent the critters from crawling through your neighbour’s wall into your apartment.

Make vacuuming and steam cleaning regular parts of your cleaning routine. These can all help in getting rid of any signs of bed bugs and kill any bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs upon contact.


Knowing how you can prevent bed bugs from getting into your apartment is one way to protect your living space from an infestation or future infestations. Practicing these things will all help to keep your apartment free from bed bugs and you will never have to worry about the critters from your neighbour’s apartment settling inside your room.

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