Bed Bug Removal Success Stories

Bed Bug Removal Success Stories

Bed bug problems are among the common issues that many homeowners and establishment owners deal with. However, despite the countless cases regarding the pests, many can eradicate these bugs from their properties successfully. 

Behind the countless horror stories about bed bugs, there are many success stories that you should be aware of. These stories came from people who went through he nightmares of getting bed bug bites, suffering from sleepless nights and successfully getting through the experiences. 

Success Stories from People Who Eradicated Bed Bug Infestations from Their Lives and Properties 

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is both a tedious and frustrating task. This is true especially for those with kids since you would not want your kids to suffer from any allergic reaction and sleepless night. 

Below are some success stories that people had to go through with their families. In each story, you will get to know how they found out that they have an infestation and what they had to go through to successfully get rid of bed bugs. 

If exterminator services didn’t work, you’ll have to get rid of them yourself. 

It was Fall of 2010 when a dad started waking up with itchy bumps on his leg. At first, he ignored the itchy bumps and dismissed the thought of having “bed bugs” in their home. Even after self-diagnosing by searching online and seeing bed bugs in the possible cause, he still dismissed it. 

However, everything changed when his son came up in his room in the middle of the night and was complaining about itchiness. His heart sank when he saw live bed bugs crawling all over his son’s bed sheet.  

This only confirmed the presence of the critters in their home. That night, they all slept outside just to keep themselves from getting bitten. 

The next day, he immediately made calls but failed to get same-day services from certain companies. He ended up hiring someone without asking for a guarantee or screening the expertise of the person in handling the problem. They allowed this person to apply chemical treatments and followed instructions to eradicate the bugs.  

After three treatments, the person said the bugs are gone. However, when they thought that the ordeal was over, he saw a bug scurrying across the bed a week after the treatments. 

He called the exterminator but was shocked by the response that it could be another infestation, or they did something wrong to make the treatment fail. This was a turning point for him and realized the importance of asking for guarantee and other tough questions before hiring someone. 

Because he did not want to go through all the troubles of taking legal action against the company, he chose to resolve the problem. He did all the necessary research to learn more about the critters and how he can deal with it on his own. 

There was a lot of trial and error but was able to figure out strategies that helped him to finally kill bed bugs and eradicate them from his home. It took them faith, hard work, and persistence before they successfully freed themselves from the infestation. 

More about their story after dealing with bed bugs here. 

“Bed bug infestation is not a laughing matter!” 

How do you handle a bed bug infestation if you are left with no one to help regarding your pest problem? This success story happened a long time ago from a man who moved to Doha from the UK and had to deal with the pests on his own. It is among the bed bug removal success stories apartment that you can learn something from. 

It all started when he moved to a clean looking apartment and started noticing bite marks on his body. He was not aware before about bed bugs and its bites and was left wondering if the apartment was infested by bed bugs. 

He searched online and found an article about bed bugs. He learned about his hidden enemy and that he was being a blood meal to these critters. 

Searching online, he learned how an adult bed bug looks like and how they move. Since they hide so well and can live for a couple of months to a year without meals, it is difficult to get rid of them. 

So, to get started, he searched for these critters and saw a bug crawlinunder his mattress and immediately killed it. Not long after, he saw a couple more scuttling across his bed.  

What he did next was not recommended, but since he just wants the bugs out of his house, he dragged the mattress out of the apartment. He left the mattress outside and realized it was stolen in just half an hour. 

After getting rid of the mattress, he started deep cleaning his house and sent his bedding to the local steam laundry. He cleaned it up to his standards and got his landlord call a pest management company. The pest control services made him leave for a few days to let the air clear up from the chemicals. 

Fortunately, what he did worked, and no bugs were turning up whenever he did his regular inspections. Check out his story here. 

“If you have bed bugs, you can get through it” 

After moving into a new home, Melanie’s husband told her that he thinks they have bed bugs because he was getting bites and the neighbour told him about it as a problem in their area. She did not believe it at first. 

couple of days after that, they saw a bug crawling and she immediately went online and searched more about the bug they found. Unfortunately, it only confirmed that they have been experiencing signs of bed bugs in their home. 

What she did next was research about their enemy. Being an information junkie, she wanted to know more about the bug and the things that they could do to get rid of the pests. 

She learned that there was no quick fix when dealing with the bugs and not a single solution works 100% alone. At some point, they could go wrong in using certain treatments and make the infestation worse. 

Achieving a successful pest control for bed bugs need planning and learning more about the techniques that you can use for these pesky critters. You need a clear understanding of how the techniques work, the risks, limitations, and proper usage. 

Yes, it took them a couple of months to successfully get rid of the bugs, but they won the battle. Read their story here to learn more about their experience. 

What You Should Do If You Have Bed Bugs 

If you discovered that you have a bed bug problem, it is recommended that you start putting all infested items in plastic bag to contain the bugs and prevent them from spreading. You should also check your mattress and box spring since these are the favourite hiding places. Putting mattress and box spring encasements is highly recommended to help in trapping the bugs in your bed and prevent them from reaching you. 

You should check for these pests across your home, including your living room and other common areas. This is highly recommended for those who are dealing with larger infestations in their home. Placing interceptors under furniture legs and under bedposts will help trap these bugs and prevent them from inhabiting items in your home. 

There are various bed bug products that you can use to protect yourself, your family, and your home from these pests. All it takes is for you to be extra careful to avoid bringing home the bugs and be extra vigilant especially when moving into a new home to avoid current infestations from getting worse. 

If your efforts do not work after several tries, you can always resort to calling experts to deal with the infestation. You should contact a reliable company to get guaranteed results from using their services. Who knows, your experience might become one of these success stories that will also help others in dealing with bed bugs. 

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