Can Bed Bugs Cause Miscarriage

Can Bed Bugs Cause Miscarriage

Given that bed bugs only feed on blood, many assume that these critters may put any pregnant woman and the unborn child in danger or worst, cause miscarriage. When bitten, bed bug bites usually leave bite marks.

Bed bugs are not known to bring any harm to pregnant women. This is also the same as any person who got bitten by these critters. It will not cause any health problems for you and your baby.

Once you get bitten, the least you can experience are itchy raised bumps. However, if you are allergic to their bites, you may suffer from typical allergic reactions that can be cured by using prescription medicines for such issues.

Their bites will not stand a chance in causing any serious health issues even a miscarriage. If you are not allergic to bites and you get them treated right away, the bites will only form itchy bumps and nothing more than that.

Possible Risks of When Bitten by Bed Bugs While Pregnant

The most severe effects that expecting moms may experience from getting bitten by these critters are sepsis and anemia. However, these are less likely to happen. Other instances may increase risks of miscarriage as you deal with bed bugs.

Sleepless Nights

Among the common problems that you may experience are sleepless nights. Since you have a developing baby inside your body, it only requires you to have enough hours of sleep. The lack of sleep will increase the risk of miscarriage.

Constant Worrying and Stress

The fact that you will be thinking about your rooms inhabited by these critters will surely worry you. Aside from sleepless nights, constant stress over protecting yourself and dealing with the critters may put your overall health at risk.

Unbearable Itching and Allergic Reactions

As mentioned, you may experience different reactions to their bites. The least you can experience are clusters of itchy red bumps. You may also experience allergic reactions that may require prescription drugs. This means that you will have to seek health care advice as to which medicines would be safe to take since you are pregnant.

With these in mind, bed bugs and their bites will still have minimal effects on your during your pregnancy. If you happen to experience any other health problems after getting bitten, it is best that you immediately have yourself checked.

Are Bed Bugs More Attracted to Expecting Moms?

Just like anybody else, these pests are also attracted to pregnant women. Generally, they are attracted to carbon dioxide that the body emits, body heat and the scent of your skin. It will be impossible to hide any of these.

Pregnancy does not spare you from these as you still produce these lures. The body temperature is higher during pregnancy, but this small change does not make these critters more attracted to you.

How to Treat with Bed Bug Bites During Pregnancy

There are various treatments that you can try for the bites. Just to be safe, you can opt for natural remedies. This way, you will have to deal with very minimal to no side effects.

Among the common medicines that you can use for the itchy bumps is calamine lotion. It should be readily available in your home to treat for common insect bites. Other than that, you can always opt for other soothing remedies that you can find at home.

Is Using Pest Control Products to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Safe During Pregnancy?

As you deal with the bites, it is also necessary that you get rid of the root cause of these bites. Now, you will have to be careful when using insecticides.

When opting to use bed bug sprays, there are synthetic options and natural ones. However, both have their unintended side effects or consequences.

Permethrin is the most common active ingredient in most pest control products against these critters. It is an ingredient that has a strong impact on insects but has little to no effect on mammals. This is because mammals can break down this ingredient and expel it as a waste. Insects, on the other hand, are incapable of doing that.

Regardless of the ingredient not causing a major effect on mammals, it does not mean that you can keep exposing yourself to these sprays when treating bed bugs.

When treating bed bugs using sprays, it is highly recommended that you stay out of the house. As much as possible, air out the treated areas until the air is safe enough for you.

If all else fails and you are already dealing with a serious infestation, it is highly recommended that you contact professionals right away. Heed their advice regarding your situation and the best solutions for treating the bugs in your home that will not affect your pregnancy.

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