Bed Bug Ottawa: Dealing with Increasing Bed Bug Infestations

Bed Bug Ottawa: Dealing with Increasing Bed Bug Infestations

For recent years, Ottawa has been one of the cities in Canada known for the increasing bed bug infestations. Issues regarding bed bugs Ottawa has become a huge problem that it got the 6th place last year for the worst cities with bed bugs based on a pest control company.

It seems like the infestations got worst throughout the year as the city took another rank up the list as it places 5th this year for bed bug cities. The list was also released by the same company and only proved that Ottawa has a continuously growing problem with the pesky critter.

Bed Bug Sightings in Government Buildings in Ottawa

This year has been tragic for federal government buildings. Several offices utilized services from companies offering bed bugs extermination Ottawa due to various sightings of these pesky critters.

One recent sighting was reported by CBC News. It was reported that there were sightings on several federal offices at Ottawa-Gatineau. Pest management placed traps through the affected floors of the buildings. These areas are also planned to be steam cleaned in addition to bed bug removal Ottawa solutions.

Most of the areas affected were also confirmed to have been infested and treated the previous year. However, the critters keep returning and have now affected other floors in the building.

Due to these recent events, the Public Service Alliance of Canada is up and about in making sure that all federal offices in various government buildings are to be checked. Along with this is calling for the need to train workers in properly identifying these critters.

The government also advertised that they are going to provide a $400,000 pest control contract for clearing the homes and cars of all the employees affected.

Aside from civil servants, other local office buildings such as nursing homes, libraries, hotels, and even apartment blocks are also facing the same problems. This is why it’s not surprising that Ottawa climbed up the 5th spot in the list of bed bug cities this year.

The Importance of Proper Bed Bug Control Ottawa Implementation to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Regardless of how clean a place may be, the risk of an infestation is still high especially when efforts in doing pest control Ottawa are neglected. Their presence is not determined by the cleanliness of a place. They can be found even in 5-star hotels, public transport, and most public spaces.

Once an infestation starts, people can bring these critters just about anywhere. This is why proper bed bug inspection Ottawa should be done at all times once a sighting is confirmed. Doing so will help determine the proper treatment that must be done and when a bed bug exterminator should be called on-site.

For affected areas like libraries and public offices, the usage of bed bug traps can all help in detecting the level of infestation. These can all be used for monitoring the activity of these critters. When treating an infestation, the use of steam cleaners or heating treatment help in easily reaching all spaces and at the same time killing all adult bugs and their eggs.

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