Bed bug proof mattress encasements: When and Why?


Bed bug pictureAs you may already know, bed bugs are everywhere. They don’t care whether you live in the nicest, most expensive home in your neighborhood or if your place is clean or dirty, if there’s a host with blood, bed bugs will seek and destroy your life (slight exaggeration, terrible nonetheless). That being said, almost everyone is prone to a bed bug infestation in today’s world, and the problems associated are very high. For one, the psychological turmoil created by bed bugs drive some people literally crazy, and I guarantee that if you’ve had bed bugs once before, any stain or piece of lint on your bed or sheets will instantly increase our heart rate with the fear of it possibly being a bed bug. Another problem is the financial burden when bed bugs are detected, and let’s be honest; no one wants to spend a dime on a bloody bed bug (no pun intended). However, it happens, and when it does, the first thing you consider throwing out is your bed; expense number 1. Replacing a bed can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to couple thousand depending on the size of the bed and whether you replace the frame or not. Having said that, there is a way of protecting your mattress whether you have bed bugs or not, and you can do that by encasing your mattress with a bed bug proof mattress encasement.

Why use a bed bug proof mattress encasement at all times?

Let me draw 2 scenarios, one with bed bugs and the other without bed bugs.

Without bed bugs

Bed bug proof mattress encasementSo your bed bug free and you’ve never worried or even have it cross your mind (except serenating ‘’sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite’’ to your kids). Your bed is your safe haven, a place to recharge and some will spend alot of money to make sure they have a good night sleep, but what happens if you get bed bugs. Like all other people you will have 1 of 2 choices, either encase your infested mattress or throw it out. Problem here is that once you encase your mattress, the bed bugs remain trapped inside and you can no longer take off the bed bug proof mattress cover in case bed bugs escape. Wouldn’t you agree that protecting your mattress from bed bugs before an infestation a better idea? By doing so, whenever you decide to move, you can remove the encasement and still keep your mattress rather than throwing it out. This way you don’t spend another couple thousand on a new bed. It is also good to note that our bed bug mattress encasements are waterproof and have an allergen and dust mite barrier.

With bed bugs

Well, I hate to break it to you, but a bed bug mattress encasement is a must! Even the most experienced pest control professional will have a hard time pin pointing the exact location of bed bugs, especially if they are living inside your box spring, mattress or pillows. If the mattress is not encased, bed bugs could be nesting inside and grow their family and continue sucking on your blood at an exponential rate. There is no secret here, when bed bugs are present, protect your mattress!

So to sum it up in a simpler way, whether you have bed bugs or not, protect your mattress!

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