3 ways stop bed bug bites with bed bug traps


Bed bug pictureSo you have bed bugs and you might try to wake up at night and try to catch them sucking your blood, but you see nothing. Or you put the legs of your bed in buckets of water or in an old Campbell’s soup can filled with Vaseline only to have the legs of your bed rusted, waterlogged or covered in Vaseline, not pleasant to say the least. There are many DIY bed bug solutions out there but their effectiveness is doubtful and can leave you with more problems and higher costs once you remove them. In the cases when bed bug infestations are small, it’s hard to detect bed bugs on the mattress or in the bed frame. Sometimes they will go outside the bed to nest which makes detection much harder. Since the boom of bed bugs, many products have been invented to help us detect bed bugs at the earliest stages and even protect us from bed bug bites. Here are 3 traps available on our site to help your battle against the pesky bed bug.

BuggyBeds Bed bug glue trap

BuggyBeds bed bug trap in Canada Some might have seen the BuggyBeds bed bug traps on Shark Tank where they made history by having all five Sharks invest in the bed bug trap. BuggyBeds is a passive bed bug trap that is placed between your mattress and box spring or between you mattress and bed frame (if you don’t have a box spring) which contains pheromones that attract the bed bugs into the glue trap. The pheromones have this sweet smell to them, and oddly enough that smell resembles that of the bed bug nest. Once installed, you must regularly check if bed bugs are trapped inside. These are ideal for students in dorms and kids at summer camp or simple regular maintenance and check ups of bed bug. The beauty about this trap is that they cannot be seen unless you lift the mattress, so your guests can't tell you checking for bed bugs.

BeapCo’s Active Bed Bug Trap

BeapCo active bed bug trap in CanadaThis bed bug trap actively attracts bed bug with its innovative CO2 generator and heat to mimic the human body when in bed. Bed bugs are able to find hosts for their blood meal by following heat and CO2 emissions. In this case, the trap can be placed near the foot of the bed, on the bed, couch etc…and once a bed bug approaches the trap, is will climb up the outer rubberized rim and fall into the glue trap. The trap has been tested and proven at Rutgers University Entomology Department. Within 30 minutes of testing bed bugs were successfully trapped. Make sure when it’s activated to keep the room as dark as possible. This is an easy to use, cost effective solution for bed bug detection.

ClimbUp Bed Bug Interceptor

ClimbUp bed bug interceptor sold in CanadaBy far the most popular, the ClimbUp bed bug interceptor acts as a trap and a protector for your bed. A protector when the ClimbUp is placed under the legs of your bed and a trap because any bed bug that fall into the well will not be able to climb back out. The bed bug ClimbUp interceptor, once combined with mattress encasements and thorough extermination of the bed frame, will protect you and your bed from any outside bed bug from entering your bed. Considering bed bugs cannot jump or fly, this tool is perfect to protect you and your family. It is important to keep your bed away from the wall and eliminate any clutter. The ClimbUp has been tested at Rutgers University for its efficiency which resulted in a very high success rate. One case study from a housing complex of 223 units demonstrated the traps effectiveness where 4 bed bug cases where identified by residents, within 10 days, 64 units where armed with the ClimbUp interceptor and after 2 weeks, the ClimbUp interceptor detected 26 infestations which were missed by visual inspections.

To sum it all up, these bed bug traps allow an inexperienced bed bug victim to detect bed bugs without any formal training. They also measure low level infestations and are extremely economical vs. other detection methods such as local exterminators and dog detection services with are easily in the hundreds of dollars. Don't wait till it gets worse, act now and protect yourself with traps.

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