Bed bugs Canada travel – Luxury horror story


So you think because you spent lots of money on your 5-star hotel/vacation package you’re free from dirty bedrooms, bad service and etc… Don’t be fooled. Bed bugs are everywhere and they don’t care whether the hotel has a 3 star or 5 star rating, and as long as there is a blood meal, bed bugs will bite.

Back in 2011, a couple from the United Kingdom decided to go on a romantic getaway in Dominican Republic at a luxury resort. What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation ended up as the worst, most frightening horror story of this couples lives. They suffered from 100’s of bed bug bites all over their bodies and 4 years later still suffer from scars and pain as a result. Upon their return, the couple was required to miss one month of work to recover from the sever blistering. They were both treated for the large red blisters, which burst, and prescribed painkillers, steroids and creams, all of which are not effective in removing the scars, mental and physical.

Keep in mind that they are still suffering from bed bug bites 4 years after their trip. Initially, when they first complained, the couple received a five figure payout which covered the costs of basic treatment, however 4 years later and still suffering, the couple is seeking legal advice for additional payouts. Thomas Cook the company who offered this vacation package is denying responsibility and mention that the company already took care of the issue. The case is ongoing.

This story is a reminder that everything is possible when on vacation and that no matter how clean a hotel might seem like, bed bugs could be lurking. There are steps to take before settling into your hotel room, first one; start by inspecting your bed!

For pictures of the bed bug bites follow the link below.

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