Never ignore the signs of bed bugs – here are 6 reasons why.


Signs of bed bugsIf you’ve ever had bed bugs, your natural reaction is to cringe at the thought of living with them. Unlike other bugs, bed bugs have the biggest impact on the well-being of a home. They suck your blood while you sleep; they nest in your mattress and box spring and are horribly difficult to get rid of. These are only a few worries of bed bug victims, the problem goes way beyond what was just mentioned. The best (and only way) to get rid of bed bugs is to find them earlier than later. As the saying goes; prevention is better than cure. That being said, here are a couple of reasons why you should never ignore signs of bed bugs.

  1. There are alot of people out there who are allergic to the chemicals released from various insects’ bites. Some develop rashes, swelling, redness and other signs of inflammation around the bite marks, and although bed bugs are not known to cause any severe life threatening allergic reactions, the reactions do differ greatly. For example I once had a friend who had bed bugs and the bites she had gotten scarred her skin. To this day she still has the marks. In other cases, some people do not react at all, so even if you don’t seem to have bites you might want to check anyways for signs of bed bugs.
  2. It has been proven by scientist that bed bugs are able to carry many different types of germs in and on their bodies. So far, there is no strong evidence which shows bed bugs passing on such germs to people. To this date, government officials do consider bed bugs as life-threatening. However, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of medicine found that bed bugs who fed on infected mice could pick up the infection from the mouse. When the bed bug later fed on uninfected mice, the infection was transmitted from the bed bug to the uninfected mice. Research is ongoing to see if such parasites can be transmitted to people.
  3. Although so far bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases to human, they do pose mental harm on their victims. A study in 2012 from researchers at the university of Montreal found that bed bugs have various mental effects on their victims; i.e. anxiety, insomnia and etc. This study was conducted on people who never suffered deprived sleep from anxiety in the past. In one case, a woman trying to cope with bed bugs could no longer live with the anxiety and sleepless nights that she eventually took her own life.
  4. Ignoring bed bugs will only increase the cost of extermination. Bed bug extermination can cost anywhere between $500 and $2000 for a 2 bedroom apartment, and usually the least expensive exterminator offers a most basic treatment which is usually not the most effective against bed bugs. The earlier the detection, the cheaper the cost.
  5. In addition to the cost of extermination is the pesticide being sprayed all around your home, with a focus on your bed. I guarantee you that when the exterminators leave; you will notice a faint smell in the air and your bed will never look the same. Knowing that it has been blasted with pesticides will have you doubt the purity of your bed. In addition, because bed bugs have evolved to become resistant to pesticides, there is always a need for stronger and newer pesticides. Ignoring them will only allow the bed bugs to reproduce which inadvertently requires more pesticides.
  6. Perhaps the best reason not to ignore bed bugs is that they will not go away on their own. Bed bug can live several months without feeding during which time they will just sit there and wait for their next blood meal, which is you.

3 tips to prevent bed bugs?

As seen on Shark Tank - Buggy beds bed bug monitors and traps:

Buggy Beds bed bug trap and detectorDo you know if you have bed bugs? These are passive bed bug traps with pheromones that attract bed bugs to them. They are placed in between the mattress and box spring and bed bugs that travel through the trap get stuck. These are very efficient tool in the detection of bed bugs.

Bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements:

Bed bug mattress encasementHow much did you pay for your mattress? At least 500$ brand-new? Save your investment by encasing your mattress with Protect-A-Bed bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements. We have different qualities of encasements to fit any budget. A bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasement with prevent bed bugs from nesting and reproducing inside the mattress or box spring and will also trap any bed bug on the inside if you’ve ever had bed bugs in the past. They also allow for easier detection as they can only linger on the outside of the encasement.

ClimbUp insect interceptors:

ClimbUp bed bug interceptorYou need to sleep with peace of mind. Place bed bug interceptors underneath the feet of your bed and bed bug will no longer be able to climb up into your bed. With a rough outer shell and a smooth inner well, bed bugs climb up the trap and fall into the well were they are unable to get out. A must have for anyone suffering with bed bugs.

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