What are Bed Bugs Attracted to?

What are Bed Bugs Attracted to?
As much as everyone hates bed bugs, there are certain reasons that keep them coming back and make you feel like they’re attracted to you. Why are bed bugs attracted to me? You might have asked this a million times, but aside from your blood, there are other things that make you the apple of their eyes. Check out the list below:
  1. Your breathing

What are bed bugs most attracted to? The answer is the carbon dioxide that is largely concentrated in your room while you sleep. It signals bed bugs where their food is as the amount of CO2 is more concentrated in your bed than other parts of your room. A ceiling fan might work to distribute CO2 evenly, or use bed bug CO2 traps to divert their attention. However, aside from breathing, there are other things that attract bed bugs to you.

  1. Your temperature

When you sleep, it is your bed and your body that remains warmer than other parts of your room. They are attracted to the high temperature that your body emits and crawl up to reach you. A product you can use to divert their attention is Surge with Lure as it doesn’t only emit heat, but has a lure to attract these bugs away from you.

  1. Exposed skin

They are attracted to parts of your body with exposed skin. Bed bugs don’t like complications, so what they do is bite and feed on any exposed part of the skin. As much as possible, cover up your entire body while you sleep to reduce the risks of getting bed bug bites. Also, use a complete bed bug protection kit to prevent bed bugs hiding in the seams of your mattress and box spring from reaching and biting you at night.

  1. Your surroundings

Are bed bugs attracted to dirty places? The answer is both yes and no. A dirty and cluttered home makes it easy for bed bugs to hide, settle in, and build a colony. However, once a bed bug enters a clean and decluttered space, they can still find various hiding places and cause an infestation. Cleaning is not enough to get rid of bed bugs. It requires continuous and tedious monitoring, detecting, and treatment to slowly but permanently get rid of them.

With these things in mind, you’ll understand why bed bugs are attracted to you and how you can potentially divert their attention. It takes effort and perseverance to achieve complete bed bug control and make sure that not a single a bug is left in your home once you've figured out a treatment to use. Calling for a pest control professional, they may recommended integrated pest management that can use specially trained dogs, visual inspection, and utilizing chemical or heat treatments.

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