Bed Bugs Winnipeg: Still 2nd with Worst Bed Bug Problem

Bed Bugs Winnipeg: Still 2nd with Worst Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs Winnipeg is still a problem as it stays in the 2nd spot of the cities with worst bed bug conditions in Canada. According to a pest control company, the problem in the city has been at an all-time high. The bed bug report Winnipeg still shows that a lot of residential and commercial properties received bed bug treatments throughout the year.

Staying in the list of the worst cities with bed bugs just proves that infestations are thriving and these critters are not easily backing out. Regardless of how many treatments a property owner gets, it will all be wasted if residents don’t practice proper prevention after a treatment.

Given that the bed bug extermination cost Winnipeg can be expensive, knowing how to prevent getting another infestation is necessary. It will also help that you know more about the insect to do all precautionary measures to avoid bringing them inside your home. This way, you are always one step ahead in keeping these critters away from your home.

Important Things to Know About Bed Bugs

One way to effectively deal with bed bug infestations is by knowing your enemy. These reddish-brown insects are not to be mistaken as dust mite. They cannot jump or fly and tend to come out to feed at night when people are asleep.

Their life cycle starts with eggs, nymphs, and then adults. For them to go through these stages, they have to feed. You’ll know that these insects are feeding off you if you start noticing bed bug bites.

The bites are usually in groups of three. Some don’t manifest any reaction from these bites, but some develop allergic reactions. When scratched, these bites might get infected and require proper treatment. Other people also develop anxiety and stress once exposed to these critters.

Utilizing Methods for Bed Bug Removal Winnipeg and Bed Bug Control Winnipeg

There are various ways on how you can get rid of these critters in your home. However, you must keep in mind that there is no single treatment that can work in removing these critters. You should combine several treatments not only to get rid of them but also to prevent them from coming back.

The proper execution of integrated pest management also gives you an advantage in effectively handling an infestation.

Treatments Available

You can choose between chemical and non-chemical ways. Among the chemical treatments are usually introduced by exterminators. You can also resort to the use of bed bug sprays and powders. However, you must be responsible for using them especially if you have children and pets around.

A bug-free home can also be attained by using non-chemical methods. Heat treatment is a foolproof way of killing bed bugs in all stages of life. It is a highly recommended treatment for heavily infested properties. The heat can reach hard to reach surfaces and can also kill bugs and eggs hiding in every nook and cranny.

Control Methods to Avoid Re-Infestation

When treating your home for a bed bug infestation, you must do certain pest management methods to prevent the bugs from multiplying and finding a new place for them to hide. This will also help you monitor if the treatments worked and if remaining bugs are lingering in your home.

One of the effective ways of controlling an infestation is by using mattress covers. There are various options of bed bug mattress covers Winnipeg that you can find. You can get an affordable mattress protector or you can also get a complete kit for a mattress, box spring, and pillows.

Keep the cover for at least 18 months just to make sure that your bed is bed bug-free. It is less likely to find any signs of bed bugs if you combine the use of passive monitors and check it regularly until you no longer see any bugs.

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