Bed Bugs Ruined My Life - Five Cases How Bed Bugs Affected People’s Lives

Bed Bugs Ruined My Life - Five Cases How Bed Bugs Affected People’s Lives

More and more people are sharing their experiences when talking about bed bugs are ruining their lives.Most of them were left traumatized because of the infestation and scarred with the life and relationship problems they experienced because of these pests.

The following are a few of the cases:

1.      How bed bugs ruined my life

This is a story about a woman facing a nightmare because of bed bugs. She had a landlord who wasn’t so cooperative in dealing with the bed bug problem, which left her terrified to live in her apartment. It took months for bed bugs to be defeated, and the entire experience left her traumatized.


2.      Bed bugs are ruining my life

The Reddit user in this story wanted to vent about everything going on in their house. Every room has been infested. Despite all efforts of using powders, mattress covers, and letting the heat from their attic resolve the infested clothes they’ve packed in black trash bags, nothing was working. They asked for an estimate from an exterminator but they couldn’t afford the cost of treating the entire house.


3.      Bed bugs ruined my life

A heartbroken guy shared how bed bugs ruined his marriage and how it pushed his wife to sleep in her car, eventually leading her to cheat on him. Though he called exterminators, none of them got the job done. Because of this issue, he is nowhere near to getting a new woman, as he is scared to bring her into his home as the might find out about the problem. He asked for advice and there were some who shared their thoughts to help him.


4.      How bed bugs turned a woman’s life upside down

This story is about a Polish woman dealing with bed bugs. She was left devastated as no one helped or believed her when she was complaining about bed bugs in her home. People said that it was because her place was dirty, but in contrary, it was really clean. There were also some who said that she was just imaging things, which only made things worse. Even her sister stopped visiting her because of the issue.


5.      Bed bugs are ruining my relationship

This story is about a girl who wasn’t aware that she was dealing with bed bugs. At first, she thought they were mosquitoes or other insects, but she found out that the bites she was getting were from bed bugs. Since she has sensitive skin, she was having more issues with the bites than her boyfriend. When they noticed bed bugs, they had to pack everything inside plastic bags and bins. They didn’t get treatment until six months later. She felt alone in dealing with the issues and felt like it was straining their relationship. Many were willing to help and showed their empathy about her situation.


These stories only prove that bed bugs don’t choose one person over another when it comes to infesting homes and ruining lives. Yes, they may cause problems, but it should be taken seriously and must be treated at once. Treatment requires the effort of everyone affected to lessen the burden and make the entire process easier and more effective.

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