Bed Bug Vancouver: 3rd City with Worst Bed Bug Problems

Bed Bug Vancouver: 3rd City with Worst Bed Bug Problems

The worst creepy-crawly that could get inside your home is a bed bug and Vancouver has been one of the cities that took the top spots this year.  Vancouver BC is not a new sight on the list as it ranked 4th the previous year released by a trusted pest control company. However, there’s a high chance that the bed bug epidemic Vancouver wasn’t handled properly as the city climbs up the 3rd spot this year.

Being adept hitchhikers, bed bugs Vancouver can thrive regardless if a home or establishment is clean or not. Most of the time, people are not aware of an infestation in their home until they start getting bed bug bites. When this time comes, either it is the bugs are already settled in your bed or the infestation is getting worse in your property.

Reasons behind the Continuous Bed Bug Infestation in Vancouver

Given that Vancouver is among the most visited cities in British Columbia, there is no doubt why the city still has an ongoing battle with bed bugs. The fact that people from different places come and go only increases the risks of bed bugs spreading from one location to another.

Pest control experts believe that these critters are not only infesting dirty homes but also clean and well-maintained establishments. These critters have become resistant to common chemical bed bug treatment Vancouver. This makes it more difficult to get rid of bed bugs.

How Residents Should Handle Infested Areas to Attain Bed Bug Control Vancouver

If you’ve been noticing suspicious itching at night, it is about time that you learn how to detect and conduct a bed bug removal Vancouver before it’s too late. Yes, bed bug treatment cost Vancouver can be expensive but there are simple things you can do to deal with your pest problems like the following:

Clean Your Home/Property

One way to get rid of visible bed bugs and even those hiding in certain surfaces is by cleaning your home. Use a HEPA vacuum in cleaning your home to capture all the critters and avoid spreading them. If possible, use all around cleaners that kill the bugs and at the same time disinfect surfaces.

Wash All Infested Items in High Heat

During bed bug removal, you must wash all infested items using high temperatures. This should be done during washing and drying to make sure that you are killing bed bugs and even their eggs throughout the process.

Protect Your Mattress and Box Spring

You need to protect your mattress and box spring to prevent these critters from settling on the seams and folds of your mattress. Get a mattress encasement and a box spring cover to protect your bed. This will also protect you from getting bites in case bugs are staying in your bed.

Things to Do to Protect Your Home from These Bugs after Travelling

There are various things that you can do to avoid bringing these critters home when travelling. Make sure that you do the following:

Background Check Your Accommodation

You can always check reviews and red flags from travel sites when you’re still looking for a hotel. You can also check the Bed Bug Registry for reviews to learn about the hotels you are planning to book for your trip.

Always Inspect Your Hotel Room

Do your part and inspect your hotel room carefully. Try not to rely too much on the information you get from reviews online. It’s still better that you check your room than just lay your things on the bed and let critters hand on them till you go home. Bring a UV detection light or a fecal matter test to check if stains are fecal droppings of the pests.

Avoid Bringing Them Home

One way to avoid bringing them home is by putting all your used clothes inside dissolvable plastic bags. This way, you can simply throw in your stuff in the washing machine and wash and dry them in high heat. For your luggage, you can use heat treatments like a steamer or a heater closet. These are eco friendly that are highly recommended instead of getting a costly bed bug extermination service.

It is also advisable that you practice bed bug control like the use of various traps and monitors just to make sure that no bugs are lingering around your home.

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