Bed Bug Halifax: Is the City Resolving Its Bed Bug Troubles?

Bed Bug Halifax: Is the City Resolving Its Bed Bug Troubles?

Several cities are creeping up the list of those that are most affected by bed bugs and learning that Halifax is included in the list is nothing new. Bed bugs Halifax is among the cities most impacted that it even got the fifth place among 25 Canadian cities that Orkin Canada created last year.

The pest control company is known for releasing a list each year which includes the cities that are facing bed bug problems. Rankings are determined based on the number of commercial and residential treatments that were performed annually.

Brian Barton, Owner of Bed Bug Detectives Thermal Remediation Services in Halifax or simply bed bug detectives Halifax, said that it wasn’t a surprise that the city ranked fifth. For almost 2 decades, the problem with bed bugs has been increasing whether it is in a person’s home or business.

As 2020 stars, Halifax still made it to the list but now two ranks lower than the previous year. Ranking lower than it used to, Halifax may have been doing something about the problem that decreased the number of treatments done in a year.

Bed Bug Control Halifax: How the City is Handling the Persistent Problem

Bed bugs are persistent in Halifax but it is ranked 7th this year from fifth place last year. As Mr. Barton of bed bug detectives mentioned, bed bugs are starting to become resistant to certain chemical treatments.

Rotating the use of chemicals is among the treatments that are recommended to prevent these critters from becoming resistant. In addition to this, the use of encasements for mattresses and box springs as an added solution to get rid of these pests.

When using encasements, it is recommended that you keep it on for a couple of months to a year. This will make sure that all the bugs trapped inside will die of starvation and won’t be able to bite you. It also prevents new bugs from climbing up the mattress and hiding in its seams and folds.

Another way to prevent these bugs from getting in your home is by avoiding second-hand furniture or items. Break the habit of bringing it inside your home especially if you are not aware of how to inspect it properly.

In addition to this, placing suitcases in clear plastic bags after travelling is also a must. You can also put your used washable items inside dissolvable plastic bags and immediately wash them using hot water.

Using Eco-Friendly Treatment Options

When using bed bug treatments for different levels of bed bug infestations, the use of chemicals can still be prevented. There are different options that you can use for detection and eco-friendly treatments to avoid toxic chemicals inside your home.

Among the popular options are canine bed bug detection and heat treatment. More people are resorting to the use of the latter, as it is more effective in reaching adult bugs and even eggs inside cracks and crevices. It is also a safer option for people with

The use of heating equipment along with other products for prevention can all help in avoiding another infestation from happening. It will give you peace of mind that these pests are no longer in your home. Continuous monitoring is also advisable to stay updated with the bed bug activity in your property and learn if the treatments paid off.

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