What Does Bed Bug Poop Look Like?

What Does Bed Bug Poop Look Like?

Bed bug droppings are a sign that bed bugs are infesting your home. It means that they have already inhabited your home and are definitely feeding on you. When looking for bed bug poop, some of the places you should check include:


There are times when bed bug droppings may look like those of other insects. However, signs that you should check around the fecal stains are blood stains, hatched eggs or shed skins.

Poop is a sign that bed bugs have been in a certain area or have been inhabiting a particular corner of your bed. It is an important sign in recognizing an infestation.

After feeding, they will usually leave fecal matter behind. This is partially digested blood that they had from you, appearing in groups of tiny spots. Unlike other insect droppings, it is less likely that you will find any solid poop as it will soak and dry on the area immediately. The dried fecal matter will appear black or rust-coloured, similar to a dot from the tip of a marker.

How to Look for Bed Bug Poop

what does bed bug poop look likeWhen looking for bed bug poop, don’t expect to find something you can vacuum up or wipe off. You’ll find black markings in and around areas where they are sleeping or feeding.

Learning how to identify their droppings will help to keep track of bed bug activities in your home. When buying second-hand clothing or furniture, check for fecal matter as these are obvious signs that there are bed bugs hiding in the items. They can use these items as a way of travelling from one place to another, which allows them to invade your home.

To determine if the black markings that you have seen are from bed bugs, we recommend that you use our Bed Bug Blue Pro. It is an easy-to-use fecal matter testing kit that will help you identify bed bug poop from common stains. All you need to do is to swab a sample of the fecal matter and apply it to the detection tape. Leave it there for a minute and if the tape turns blue, it confirms that the swabbed sample is from bed bugs.

In addition to this, using a bed bug traps will help you determine if there are bed bugs near your sleeping and identify how serious the level of infestation is.

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