What Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like?

What Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like?

Among the common signs of an infestation is the sight of bed bugs anywhere in your home. However, the sight of baby bed bugs only means that the infestation is getting serious and more are reaching adulthood. 

One of the reasons why these pests come out of their hiding places is the carbon dioxide that the body releases. This is what attracts them to you and why they can find you to feed off. 

Aside from adult bugs, you might also see some smaller bed bugs lurking in infested furniture or bedding. These are most likely the babies or the nymphs that are still undergoing development to become adults. 

How Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like? 

These baby bugs look like the adult counterparts if there is no metamorphosis is involved in the development. The development stages of these nymphs have a lot to do with the change in their colour and their growth. 

Those are the two factors that are most notable between the nymphs and adult bed bugs. You can compare the size of adult bugs to an apple seed. However, the nymphs are smaller than the size of an apple seed but can still be seen by the naked eye. 

Approximately, they are ¼ of an inch long after hatching. This is the reason why they are somehow difficult to spot. 

Are Baby Bed Bugs Visible 

The man difference between the nymphs and the adult bugs is the size. When looking for signs of bed bugs, it may be difficult for you to spot them just like when looking for bed bug eggs. 

Eggs are around 1mm long and the size of the nymphs is not quite different. Its size is comparable to that of a rice grain. 

Spotting them can be difficult since they are milky white and their body is flat and oval-shaped. Their body slowly turns into a fuller size after they feed and are filled up with blood. 

In case they can find a target and get a full blood meal right after hatching, they can fully reach the adult stage in just about 6 weeks. Nymphs can live without a meal for about 3 weeks. This is the reason behind their longer growth process. 

Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like Spiders 

The bites of bed bugs and spiders can share common symptoms. Common symptoms include swelling, redness, and itching. However, there are still some differences with the bites that will help you identify which insect bit you. 

It is rare to fins spider bites since there are only a few species known to have fangs that are long enough to pierce the human skin. There are a few things that you should know to learn if you have been bitten by a bed bug or a spider. 

You would usually wake up with bite marks if these were from bed bugs. Bed bugs feed when the victim is not moving or when asleep. However, you would easily wake up with a spider bite given the fangs that would have to pierce through your skin. 

If the bites appear in a line, these are from bed bugs. On the other hand, spider bites will usually be singular and would leave distinct bite marks. 

Bed bugs bites will not go away with simple medication. It is an ongoing problem and must be addressed by pest control professionals. Spider bites are considered a one-time occurrence. 

Bites made by bed bugs are not dangerous but those from spiders can lead to serious symptoms that must be addressed by a physician. 

Found One Baby Bed Bug 

If you found a single bed bug that is still in its nymphal stage, there is a great chance that there is an infestation going on in your house. Adult bugs could be laying eggs around your home and the nymphs are starting to look for ways to feed off you. 

It is best that you immediately act and call an expert to check the level of infestation in your home. This way, experts can perform proper treatments to deal with the bugs. 

I Found a Baby Bed Bug 

If you found a bed bug nymph, you can assume that you are now dealing with a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs don’t get killed easily with chemical treatments, especially when not applied properly.  

Heat treatment is an effective option that kills bed bugs in all stages of life. This means that you can deal with an infestation effectively with this kind of treatment. 

Are Baby Bed Bugs Fast? 

Bed bugs, regardless of their age, rely mainly on finding shelter where they can hide until they can feed, which is at night. This means that they do not move fast. 

Since their legs are short, it is difficult to move quickly. If you have ever seen a nymph, you will notice that it crawls slowly. That is already their full speed. You will not easily notice them crawling on you since their small legs and lightweight bodies allow them to crawl without getting noticed. 

Baby Bed Bugs Color 

The colour of the nymphs is mostly white. Therefore, finding them on your bedsheets, mattress and box spring can be a bit difficult. However, this colour is only temporary, and they turn into brown or reddish-brown as they reach adult stages. 

Can Baby Bed Bugs Bite 

Yes, baby bed bugs bite. Just like adult bugs, they need to feed for them to live. While at their nymphal stages, they need to feed off blood for them to go through all the 5 stages. As soon as they hatch, they find an opportunity to feed. 

When you spot nymphs along with adult bugs, see to it that you immediately for experts to kill bed bugs. Adults could have laid eggs anywhere in your house and an infestation is already starting at your home unknowingly. 

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