Utilizing Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment for a Bed Bug-Free Home

Utilizing Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment for a Bed Bug-Free Home

Heat treatments are a proven way to kill bed bugs thoroughly and quickly. The exposure of bed bugs to heat over 48°C is enough to kill them in all life stages within a few hours. This treatment helps to save time by checking each item and save money when replacing all infested items.

Setting up a home heat treatment for bed bugs are known to be difficult and a bit risky, especially with propane and forced-air kerosene heaters. There were multiple incidents when homes caught fire due to the incorrect setup of these tools. This is the main reason why it is important to use the proper equipment and follow the entire process at the same time.

Due to such issues, many are afraid to set up heat treatment equipment. Fortunately, bed bug heat treatment equipment packages such as the Tri-Flow bed bug heat treatment kits were made. These pieces of equipment are UL-recognized and ETL-certified, heating up an entire room safely. What’s more interesting is that it only requires minimal setup but guarantee the death of all bed bugs. It doesn’t require any additional electric tools and equipment except for what is available on site.

The Benefits of Using a Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Rest assured that you won’t have to worry about bed bugs after your heat treatment. This treatment can be done in hotels, houses, and other establishments. It is considered the most efficient option for commercial establishments such as hotels, as the bed bug heat treatment will only take a few hours. The overall cost is also much lower than the use of different pieces of equipment for several treatments.

Learning how long bed bug heat treatments take will make you understand why it is a trusted treatment by many. Along with other treatments as a part of the bed bug heat treatment preparation, you can guarantee that one treatment session can go a long way.

Heat treatments can kill bed bugs that are considered to be pesticide-resistant. With such treatments, bed bugs turn out to have no resistance at all and exposure to high temperatures will kill them over time. The equipment used in these treatments doesn’t leave any harmful residue, emit harmful gases, or leave any negative impact on the environment.

These treatments are also effective in killing eggs and nymphs. You may hire experts for fumigation, but it will leave out eggs that can survive even after exposure.

Highly Recommended Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment for You

There are various pieces of heat treatment equipment you can choose from our bed bug heater collection. Some of them include:

  1. Tri-Flo Treatment Kits

We offer Tri-Flo treatment kits. You can choose from the following:

A 10,000-watt electric heater, this can provide enough heat to a room measuring up to 500 sq. ft. It requires a 220V 50amp circuit and can reach temperatures of up to 155°F (68°C).

This 1,400-watt heater can supplement any existing Tri-Flo heating solutions that you have.

To get a more powerful heat treatment for a heavily infested room or home, the Eradi-Flo 1800 is another powerful addition to your existing heating solutions.

For commercial use, this Eradi-Flo 5000 electric heater is ideal for hotel rooms measuring 325 sq.ft.  When combined with fans, it can hasten the killing process of bed bugs and their eggs.

Low to mid-level infestations require a powerful combination of several heaters along with a fan to attain the maximum result. It is suitable to be used in an average sized hotel room and has an infrared laser thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the room. This set includes four 110V 15amp heaters, a fan, and an infrared thermometer.

This set includes three electric heaters with 110V 20amp of power, a fan to distribute heat, and monitor temperature with laser infrared thermometer. Ideal for treating 325 sq.ft. hotel rooms.

This set includes a 220v 30amp electric heater, a laser infrared thermometer, and a fan. It is a powerful alternative for sets that include several heaters. With this set, you get one heater that can provide enough heat to kill bed bugs in a 2,600 cubic feet hotel room.

For bigger rooms or wider home heat coverage, this set includes three heaters (one ER5000 and two ER1800), two fans, and a thermometer. This is ideal for a room measuring 4,000 cubic feet or 500 sq. ft.

This is the supplemental fan included in the aforementioned heater sets. If you already have a separate heater, this is a powerful fan you can use to evenly distribute heat in a room.

  1. ZappBug

Other heat treatment equipment you can choose from include:

This is a small heating compartment where you can put clothes and other small items to treat them with heat. You can also use this to attract bed bugs from their hiding places and trap them inside the compartment and let them die from the heat inside the chamber.

This is the bigger version of the ZappBug Heater. If you want to heat treat specific pieces of furniture especially those second-hand items you get from thrift stores. This is also effective in heat treating your luggage and other items you brought home from travelling.

If you have no time to heat treat one item at a time, you can use the ZappBug Room to heat treat all items inside your closet. It has enough space to accommodate both pieces of furniture and other bulky items that won’t fit inside the products mentioned above.

These are ideal for heat treating certain items like bags, furniture, or your clothes. You can use these portable heaters even when traveling as they are easy to install and don’t take too much time to set up.

The effectiveness of your bed bug heat treatment relies on the equipment used. This is the main reason why you should put effort into choosing the right equipment and have enough knowledge on how to use it properly. This will maximize the results and allow you to get rid of the bed bugs in just a few hours.

For other bed bug solutions, feel free to browse through our site to choose more bed bug prevention, detection, and monitoring products to prevent the re-infestation of bed bugs. To know more information about our heat treatment equipment, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

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