The Cost of a Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The Cost of a Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Among the most popular types of treatments used for bed bug infestations is heat. Given that not all can conduct the process on their own, it is necessary to learn how much a bed bug heat treatment costs.

Heat treatment is considered the most effective when you try to deal with bed bugs, but it is also the most expensive procedure. The treatment gained more popularity because it is eco-friendly and it can actually eliminate a bed bug infestation in hours, depending on the extent of the infestation.

The price of the service may range from $500 to as high as $6000. It depends on the type or size of property that will be treated and sometimes the number of furniture in the infested property. The estimated price may either include or exclude the inspection fee or other service charges that are necessary for the experts to perform the treatment properly. Inspection fees may range from $99 to as high as $125 and may also depend on the expertise and experience of the exterminator.

There are companies who offer heating equipment rental services and there are also those who offer a heat treatment package that already includes inspection and performing the service for a certain time frame. The cost already includes the company’s warranty for the service. Some offer 30 days to 90 days warranty while some can offer a maximum of a 1-year warranty period.

If you choose a company that will let you rent their heating equipment, the cost can be as low as $400 for a 2-day rental to as high as $750 for a week’s rental. This is an ideal solution if you’re fully knowledgeable on how to use the equipment or had an experience to heat-treat a room or house.

However, for those who just want to put a stop to the unsettling infestation, choosing an expert to perform the bed bug heat treatment is highly recommended. All it takes is for you to follow their protocol in preparing your home for the treatment and leave the house for the time frame that they tell you. Some companies may ask you to leave for 6 to 7 hours while some require a maximum of 12 hours to ensure a 100% success rate of the treatment.

Why More People are Opting for a Heat Treatment

Since there is proof that a new species of these pests are becoming more resistant to pesticides, the use of heat has shown a high chance of potentially stopping and controlling the bugs after only one session. Using high-end heating equipment with a sustained heat of 49 degrees Celsius or about 120 degrees Fahrenheit can effectively kill bed bugs and other bacteria in a matter of hours.

Among the bed bug treatments, the use of heating equipment is more effective in reaching bed bugs and their entire colony, even in cracks and crevices. The heat penetrates through walls, furniture, hard to reach places and kills the bugs once the optimal temperature is reached.

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Factors Considered in Estimated Bed Bug Heat Treatment Costs

Depending on the extent of the infestation and the room that must be treated, the pest control company may either give you a fixed price for the service or simply a raw estimate. So, what is considered by bed bug extermination companies prior to setting a price? Some of the factors considered include:

  1. Measurements or the number of rooms that will be treated. The representative may provide a price per square foot or per room and will give you more details about the service. They may ask if you are renting since they will advise you to talk to your landlord to have neighbouring units checked and treated as well. Depending on your city or province, there are laws covering bed bug issues between landlords and tenants that will help you to deal with these pesky critters.
  2. Depending on your location, the company may consider adjusting the price, especially if you are farther from their service area. Use the following as a guide to estimate the cost of a bed bug heat treatment in some cities in Canada:
  • Toronto – $1200 to $2500
  • Montreal – $3000 to $6000
  • Calgary – $499 to $1700
  • Edmonton – ±$1200
  • Mississauga – ±$2000
  • Winnipeg – $1000 and up
  • Vancouver – $1200 to $1500
  • Hamilton – $1100 to $1600

*Note: Costs may or may not include GST/HST and the estimated cost depends if the property is stand-alone or in an apartment building.

  1. Rental or service. The representative may ask whether you’ll rent the equipment and do the treatment on your own or ask their professionals to do the treatment. Per square footage and a number of rooms are still considered in the cost estimate. Some companies will offer rentals for their heating equipment, while most companies send their professional teams to perform the service.
  • Ottawa – $400 to $750 (maximum of 1-week rental, depending on the size of the property)
  • Edmonton – ±$500 (5-day rental)

If you choose to get the services of a professional exterminator for the treatment, make the most of the inspection. If you have any questions, ask the expert upfront as he moves through your home. Reputable experts should be willing to answer any of your questions. They should be able to explain the services that need to perform and why they have to do it.

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Preparations Prior to a Bed Bug Treatment

What makes this treatment more worry-free is the fact that you don’t get to move anything in your house. Most likely, the exterminator will ask you to keep everything in place to avoid disturbing the bed bugs that might lead them to move somewhere else in your home.

Other things that you must keep in mind include the following:

  • Don’t use any pesticides prior to the treatment.
  • Unplug all electronics from electrical outlets.
  • Declutter and put all items that must be permanently removed from the infested area in a sealed bag.
  • Vacuum all pet hair and dust that may become hazardous once exposed to hot air.
  • Remove all flammable materials, i.e. cosmetics, and candles.
  • Perishable goods, pets, and irreplaceable items must be completely inspected and removed before the treatment starts.
  • Remove all piles of clothing where the pests can hide and launder all washable items under high heat.
  • Open all closets and drawers to let air pass through these items.

As you get an idea on how much a bed bug heat treatment costs and how you can prepare for the treatment, you can consider choosing this method to get rid of an infestation instead of other services.


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