The 7 Most Common Ways You Can Get Bed Bugs

The 7 Most Common Ways You Can Get Bed Bugs

Contrary to what most people believe, bed bugs do not come in your house because it is dirty or because you live in a neighbourhood for low-income individuals.

These insects can travel yards just to find their host. They will crawl through cracks and go from one apartment or from one room to another. However, there are a few common ways you can get bed bugs and bring them into your home. Some ways to contract bed bugs are the following:

  1. Motels, Inns and Hotels

These are the top 3 places that you will get bed bugs. Since these are temporary lodgings, the bugs can latch on your belongings within one night and you will end up spreading them as you travel.
  1. Furniture left out on the street

Furniture that has been discarded and left out on the street are possible carriers of these insects, so you should fight the urge to bring them home.

  1. Your friends or relatives

It may seem rude to not allow your friends or relatives to stay over at your place, but they can bring these pests to keep you company if they have bed bug problems at home.

  1. Your neighbours

Regardless of how much effort you put into preventing bed bugs, this effort will end up being wasted if your neighbours have these pests and leave them untreated.

  1. Second-hand or used clothing from the thrift store

Of course, you love the clothes from the thrift store! Just make sure to wash and dry them in a hot setting, as they might be carrying these bugs. This is also possible with new clothing.
  1. Non-fabrics are potential carriers too

Old books, antique items and second-hand appliances can be home to these pests too.

  1.  Bed bug infested areas

You may be careful with the items you bring inside your home, but you can still get them if you keep visiting or staying in places infested by bed bugs.

Learning how you can easily acquire bed bugs is one way to prevent getting them. Always remember that it is easier to make an effort in preventing bed bug problems instead of treating them.

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