Side Effects of Bed Bug Bites


When it comes to insect bites, some people think that they can contract illnesses, spread diseases, or cause health problems all because of the bite. However, when it comes to bed bugs you will only feel sick if you develop an allergic reaction to the bites.

Though most people do not experience any serious side effects from bed bug bites, long-term exposure to these pests can result in certain health issues. Knowing the signs of bed bugs will help you to detect them early. Thus, it is possible to eliminate bed bugs and avoid long-term side effects to your health.

Health-Related Side Effects Due to Bed Bug Bites

Whether you consult a doctor or resort to a home remedy to relieve the itchiness and discomfort, there is a specific bed bug bite treatment that you can use on your skin. However, bed bug bites may include serious side effects that you may experience during a bed bug infestation. Some of these include:

  • Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are common for people who are sensitive to insect bites or are allergic to bed bugs. The bites may cause mild to extreme allergic reactions and may require prescribed medications for proper healing.

Below is real-life story of a person who had previously dealt with this issue:
A Lincoln woman experienced an allergic reaction after being bitten by bed bugs in Family Court.
The account of a woman who was bitten by bed bugs after attending a Family Court hearing is proof that only those allergic to the bites will suffer from severe reactions soon after being bitten. As soon as the woman noticed the red welts on her legs, she had it checked by a doctor who told her that the welts were caused by the bugs. The doctor prescribed an antihistamine and ointment to relieve the discomfort and burning sensation on the affected area.


  • Secondary infections

With any wound, introducing bacteria, germs, and pathogens to an open wound through scratching will result in an infection. This is the reason why you should avoid scratching the bitten areas and let them heal by using proper treatments.

Below is real-life story of a person who had previously dealt with this issue:
A woman on a holiday suffered from an allergic reaction and skin infection due to bed bugs after staying at a hotel.
    The last thing that you’d want to experience from your holiday travels is getting bitten by bed bugs and suffering from an allergic reaction, as well as an infection after. This is what a woman from New Cumnock in Ayrshire experienced after her stay at a hotel in North Wales. Just days after arriving at her hotel room, she started to experience the side effects and brought home the horrible experience from a supposedly happy vacation.
      • Insomnia

      A common side effect that most people experience when they have a bed bug infestation in their home is not getting enough sleep. You may develop paranoia over little things that may touch your skin while you are sleeping, thinking they are bed bugs trying to bite you. Extreme itchiness and discomfort caused by the bites can also make it difficult for you to sleep while trying to stop the urge to scratch the bites.

      Below is real-life story of a person who had previously dealt with this issue:
      A family suffered horrendous side effects of living in a house with bed bugs.
        Among the most common problems you may encounter as you move to a new house is dealing with bed bugs. This is what one family in California had to deal with as they moved to their new home. Their children suffered from bed bug bites while the parents has sleepless nights, emotional distress, and property damage due to these critters. Though the property owners attended to the issue, it wasn’t enough and only caused more problems for the family. Though the family won the lawsuit, the traumatic experience of having bed bug bites left their son scarred for life.


          It is not impossible for a person or even an entire family to suffer from the different side effects associated with bed bug bites. While some may experience discomfort due to intolerable itchiness, some may suffer from physical, emotional, and mental distress.

          Bed Bug Bite Treatments to Prevent Side Effects from Getting Worse

          You can try any bed bug bite home remedy or over-the-counter medicines to relieve the itchiness and pain of the bite marks. It is essential to get the infestation under control to avoid it spreading to other parts of your home.

          By treating the bites, the side effects and the bed bugs themselves will all take time. Indeed, it requires a lot of effort and hard work, but these issues will be eliminated little by little by using the right treatments. It is necessary that you spend more time familiarizing yourself about bed bugs to learn how you can prevent and avoid them once you get rid of them.


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