Is the Removal of Infested Furniture The Best Way to Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Is the Removal of Infested Furniture The Best Way to Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Surprisingly, bed bugs are not only found in mattresses, but they are also found in various pieces of furniture and even narrow cracks in your home. When talking about controlling a bed bug infestation, most people assume that one of the best ways to keep the bugs from spreading is through bed bug-infested furniture removal. The same goes for mattresses, box springs and other items.

It is completely understandable if you opt for furniture removal services or simply dump your bed bug-infested furniture in any nearby dumpster. However, keep in mind that carelessly doing so will only introduce re-infestation as a few bugs may drop or latch onto other items while you’re moving it out of your home or room. Some of the bugs may stick on the walls or hallways and spread across your home or apartment building. In no time, you’ll notice another infestation happening in other parts of your home.

How to Deal with Bed Bug-Infested Furniture

Take note that bed bugs can settle and live in any part of your home. However, they prefer staying near their host - you. So, if you have any pieces of furniture with these bugs, it is necessary that you immediately take action and prevent these pests from multiplying.

Regardless if your home is clean or cluttered, these bugs will live and build their colony in your home once they get inside. Just like dealing with bed bug-infested mattresses, the following are things you can do to deal with infested pieces of furniture:

  • Vacuum. One way to prevent the spread of bed bugs is by capturing them using a HEPA vacuum. These are special vacuums that contain bed bugs and their eggs inside the vacuum and prevent them from spreading across your home.
  • Steam Cleaning. Using high-quality bed bug steamers can help to kill bed bugs upon contact and sanitize the furniture.
  • Use Bed Bug Pesticides or Insecticides. In addition to vacuuming and steam cleaning, spraying bed bug insecticides can help to prevent re-infestation and kill those remaining bed bugs in hiding.
  • Discard pieces of furniture. Getting rid of infested furniture should be your last resort. The entire process can be a bit tricky, but you can always get professional help.

Learning what to do and what not to do when you have a bed bug infestation will give you the ease of going through the entire treatment process with less worry about re-infestation.

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