How to Take Advantage of Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

How to Take Advantage of Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are attracted to heat, but how can you use this to your advantage? Though the thought of a bed bug infestation is terrifying, you can take advantage of the heat that bed bugs love. The entire process of getting rid of them and preventing them from spreading can be a daunting task, but using heat increases the chances of not letting them come back to your home.


How Is It Done?

Most of the time, heat treatments are done only by professionals. However, as more tools and equipment are created for killing bed bugs, you can now do this on your own. The following are a few things that you must keep in mind prior to doing the treatment:

  • Remove all explosive or flammable items inside your home or area to be treated
  • Seal windows and doorways to prevent heat from escaping

Mobile heaters are used along with fans and generator power to heat up a room or the entire home. There are heater sets that you can use which include a thermal sensor that allows you to monitor the temperature in the room. The fans that are used along with the mobile heaters allow the heat generated to be distributed evenly throughout the room.

As your home or room is starting to heat up, rotate your belongings every now and then to make sure the heat is evenly distributed. You should maintain the temperature once it reaches 130°C to around 140°C. This will guarantee that both the eggs and adult bugs will be killed until the process is finished.

Why Heat Treatment Works

Heat is what makes you (their food source) easy to find. During the heat treatment, the early stage of the process makes bed bugs come out as they sense that the food source is near. When the temperature slowly rises, it is then that the bugs start to die along with the nymphs and eggs.

The following are other reasons why this treatment works:

1.      Every corner of the room benefits from the treatment

Wherever bed bugs are hiding, the heat distributed by the fans reaches anywhere in the room. The heat penetrates every inch of the room or house, which makes it impossible for bed bugs to survive. They may hide when you use powders or sprays, but they can never escape the heat.

2.      It works as an all-in-one treatment done only in a few hours

Many people prefer heat treatment as it can get the job done in just a matter of hours; unlike freezing that takes days or putting items in sealed storage containers that may take several months.

Aside from using mobile heaters and fans, there are those who use portable heating equipment like the Zappbug Heater and ZappBug Oven 2 or Packtite Closet for their clothes and other belongings.

3.      No need to use harsh chemicals

Unlike other treatments, this process doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to pets and children.

4.      You can use this along with other treatments for maximum results

Along with other treatments, this process can help you attain maximum results. This will allow you to get results that are similar to what you can get from hiring a professional exterminator. Since there is a high risk that bed bugs may come back once the temperature cools down, using other treatments can reduce this risk and make your home or room free from bed bugs for the longest time possible.

5.      It can be performed as a single treatment.

For low to mid-level bed bug infestations, heat treatment can be performed as a single treatment.

6.      No need for evacuation

Since it can be done within a few hours, there is no need for everyone in the household to evacuate the house for a day or two.

7.      Leaves no damages

With proper application, you can guarantee that not a single item or component inside your home will be damaged by this treatment. As long as electronic devices are unplugged, the treatment is considered safe to be used around these infested items. There is a list of electronic devices that you should remove when doing the treatment, so you don’t have to worry.

8.      Achieve real-time monitoring

Using a thermostat, you can monitor the temperature inside the house or room real-time. This will help you determine whether or not you have reached the right temperature.

With these advantages and the ease of the heat treatment process (provided that you have the equipment needed), you can ensure that you finally get rid of bed bugs in your home.

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