How to Prevent Bed Bugs When Using the Laundromat

How to Prevent Bed Bugs When Using the Laundromat

Given that Laundromats are among the most common contributors to the continuous spreading of bed bugs, you’ll realize how typical behaviours in the establishment results to these pests hitchhiking on users’ belongings. Though it may take a lot of effort, there are several things that you can do to lower the risk of getting bed bugs.

First, it is not recommended to use cloth laundry bags as bed bugs can easily climb into them. It is advisable to use water-soluble laundry bags as you transport used clothes and bedding to the Laundromat. As soon as possible, you should put them in the washer with the hottest setting. If you cannot use dissolvable laundry bags, you can use regular plastic bags instead. However, never reuse them and use a new one every laundry cycle.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Laundromat and Prevent Carrying Bed Bugs Home

The following are the top mistakes that people make in the Laundromat when preventing bed bugs:

  • Washing clothes in water that is cold or room temperature

Though using cold water is energy-efficient and avoids damaging clothes, it will not kill any bed bugs. One way to kill them is to expose them in high temperatures for over 7 minutes. Do this on both the wash and dry cycles to make sure that all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs die in each cycle.
  • Folding your clothes on the common folding tables

Another recommendation - do not use the folding area. Instead, bring your washed and dried clothes home and fold them there. You may think that this wastes all your effort, but just think about all of the people who have laid their clothes there and the possible bed bugs hiding in the cracks and crevices in the laundromat’s folding table.

When folding your clothes at home, fold them on top of a light-coloured or white sheet to check for bed bugs that may have hitchhiked. Since you will most likely have to wait your turn in the Laundromat, make sure that you have inspected the sitting area for fecal matter or blood spots from these pests as this area can be their hiding spot.

  • Leaving your clothes and linens unattended

Do not let others take your laundry out of the machine for you as they may leave them on the folding table, on the floor, or use the laundry basket provided in the establishment. Keep an eye on the washer and dryer that you’re using and immediately attend to your clothes after every cycle.

Take the time and effort to avoid these mistakes to avoid falling victim to a bed bug infestation in your home.

If you’re looking for ways to detect or monitor bed bugs, feel free to visit and check out all the devices you can use to prevent an infestation. Call or email us regarding any concerns on the use of such devices and we will assist you at once.

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