How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day

How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day

how to find bed bugs during the dayWhile people sleep at night, bed bugs become active. This makes it difficult for many to confirm their suspicion of a bed bug infestation, as they need to search for them at night to see the bugs in action. It is the main reason why you should learn how to find bed bugs during the day.

The process during the day is a bit trickier than doing it at night, but you can locate obvious signs of live bed bugs by following some tips. The first thing you should know is where bed bugs hide during the day. Once you get to know their hiding spots, you can start with the steps on how to find these pests during the day.

  1. Prepare your tools

When looking for bed bugs during the day, your partner will be the ample amount of light that will make it easier for you to spot bed bugs. If your curtains or blinds are closed, open them to let the natural light in. Using a flashlight and a magnifying glass can help as you search through small crevices.

  1. Look for any signs of live bed bugs or indications they have been in one area

Bed bugs love to hide in the mattress as they can easily feed on you while you are asleep. Look for any traces of live bugs around your mattress, checking the seams and stitches. After checking the mattress, look at the boxspring and entire bed frame. When checking the bed frame, focus on the crevices where bed bugs can hide. Do the same with the other furniture in your home.

  1. If there are no live bed bugs, look for eggs or nymphs

At first, you may not see nymphs because of their transparent colour. However, some may have a reddish-brown colour in the middle of their body. This is a sign that they are already feeding. Look for eggs as well. These are half the size of a rice grain and are on areas that aren’t easily moved or disturbed.

Other signs can include blood stains and black spots. Shed skins or exoskeletons are also proof that these critters are growing and multiplying without your knowledge.

  1. Bites

Learn about If you notice these marks on any part of your body, it is a clear indication that there are bed bugs in your home and that you need to act fast to find and get rid of them.

You can also wait for bed bugs to come out in broad daylight, as they feed during the day if the opportunity favours them. It’s a rare chance, but still possible if you can patiently wait for them. However, we highly recommend making an effort to look for them and act fast to prevent further infestation.

how to find bed bugs during the day

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Finding out that you have a bed bug infestation can become a horror story for many. The inspection alone will feel like it’s taking forever to finish, especially if you have no idea where to start. During the inspection, the first thing that you should know is where these pests love to hide. Aside from the mattress and any part of your bed, there are many possible hiding spots.

If you are trying to do a full inspection by day, some of the common hiding places that you might want to check include:

  • Sofas and couches
  • Various pieces of upholstered furniture
  • Nightstands
  • Dressers
  • Electrical outlet covers
  • Behind paintings

Their size alone makes it difficult for bed bugs to be detected. Though live bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye, there are times when you may need to use a flashlight and a card to find them.

Other potential places where they can hide during the day include:

  • Backpack
  • Clothing
  • Luggage

They can also be found on rugs or carpets, but do not usually stay long in such areas as they can be constantly and easily disturbed. Make sure that you check all items that are not constantly being moved or touched as these are potential hiding spots and breeding areas for bed bugs.

If you find bed bugs, it is highly recommended that you act fast. If the infestation is uncontrollable, calling an expert exterminator and using passive monitors will help to ensure that the bed bugs are either completely removed or require continuous monitoring and detection.


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