How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Moving

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Moving

Moving is among the common ways of getting bed bugs. It’s either you get these bugs from the place where you are moving in or you are bringing it with you in your new place. These critters are known for their ability to hitchhiking on just about anything. Another thing that they’re good at is hiding.

Given the abilities of these critters, finding them can be a difficult task especially when you are starting to sort and pack things that you’ll bring as you move. There are things that you can do before and after you’ve moved to a new home.

Preventing Bed Bugs from Moving In with You

If you are currently dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home and are about to move to a new place, you must prevent them from coming with you. The following are some of the things that you can do to keep them from creeping in your stuff as you move:

1. Get Rid of Your Mattress

One of the common ways to bring the bugs with you is through your mattress. The only way to get rid of bed bugs and not bringing it with you is by throwing your mattress away.

You can simply throw away your mattress, but you have to make sure that you do it carefully. Just to make sure that others won’t get the bugs in the mattress and it won’t spread. In dealing with your mattress, it is either you have it replaced or treated.

If you want to treat it, the following are treatments that you can do:

  • Heat Treatment

This procedure kills any bed bugs using high temperatures.

  • Treating Using Pesticide

This treatment uses pesticides with pyrethroids or permethrin that are known ingredients for killing the pesky critters

  • Encasing Your Mattress

You can do this to your mattress and box spring since these are the common places where they hide to be near their food source. This guarantees that the bugs hiding on the mattress won’t start an infestation in your new home. Make sure you brush the surface before loading it to a vehicle and bring it with you.

2. Wash Your Clothes, Place Them Inside a Plastic Bag, and Seal Them

Washing your infested clothes is a sure way of killing bed bugs. Water and setting the highest temperature when drying are proven in getting rid of these critters. As you wash and dry, make sure that you use the highest heat setting.

As much as possible launder your clothes by batches to make sure that all infested clothes are treated. Make sure to put every finished batched of washed and dried clothes in sealable plastic bags. This will guarantee that your clothes will not be re-infested.

You should also do this to your bedding and other infested items that can be washed. If you don’t have a sealable bag, you can use a plastic box with a tight lid to keep it sealed.

3. Treat Your Entire Home before Moving Out

Heat-treating your entire home will help in killing all bugs hiding in all cracks and crevices. The heat can also penetrate through wall cavities and furniture and leave your home bed bug free. This does not only prevent bed bugs from coming with you but also give you the peace of mind that you’re leaving your apartment or home in good condition.

Another reason why you should do this is that you can get your deposit back. Though there are landlords who cover the costs for such treatments, there are also those that don’t. Spending on the treatments on your own can make you eligible to get your deposit back. This is possible since you were left dealing with the critters in your rented space.

Things You Should Do During Your Moving Day

There are a few things that you should do for the day when you’re about to move. Some of these are:

1. Scan Your New Place

Make sure you spend some time inspecting your new place. Check for bed bugs by using a flashlight. It is better that you look for signs of bed bugs before bringing in any furniture.

See to it that you check the bedroom carefully. Focus on items that are already inside the room to check if any bugs are hiding. Also, don’t forget to check wall cracks, mouldings, and electrical sockets.

2. Pack and Seal Your Belongings Thoroughly

There are times when the vehicles used when moving are infested. To prevent bringing bed bugs from the moving company’s vehicle, make sure that the containers and boxes are sealed tightly. Wrap your box spring and mattress in plastic that can be sealed.

3. Place Bed Bug Monitoring Devices around Your New Home

If you’re scared of getting bed bug bites in your new home, you can place several bed bug monitoring devices around your new home. This way, you will know if you’ve brought any of the critters and start pest control methods.

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