Highly Recommended Bed Bug Traps That You Should Try

Highly Recommended Bed Bug Traps That You Should Try

Bed bugs are terrible pests that can cause some serious problems to homeowners mentally, emotionally and physically. These pesky critters infest homes discreetly, which makes it difficult to deal with them once an infestation is confirmed. Fortunately, there are bed bug traps that you can use to control and prevent these pests from continuously wreaking havoc inside your home.

Can Bed Bug Traps Live Up to Your Expectations?

Most people who find bed bugs in their homes will immediately call for an exterminator as they believe that this will stop the infestation right away. However, what they don’t know is that getting rid of bed bugs requires continuous and tedious detection and monitoring. This is to make sure that bed bugs are completely out of your home.

Since bed bugs are attracted to CO2 emitted by the body when sleeping, this is usually the time when they come out of their hiding areas and reach you by climbing up and crawling on the legs of the bed (if they are not yet infesting your bed).

CO2 traps are the ones used at the bottom of each bed leg to create a deadfall for these bugs. They can easily climb in every trap, but will not be able to climb out. Thus, they will be trapped.

However, if the bugs are already in your mattress, putting traps on the legs of the bed may not work as expected. It will only trap those coming from other directions and climbing up the bed, but not those that are inside the mattress.

If you are dealing with bed bugs hiding in your mattress, a bed bug mattress encasement is one way to trap them inside, prevent them from biting you, and kill them over time. Once you have your mattress encased, you can set up the bed bug traps and wait for the results.

How Long Will Bed Bug Traps Work?

Most of these traps remain effective for a few months and can capture varying numbers of bed bugs every day. However, the only issue is when the traps start to get brittle and crack over time, because of the weight of the bed and other factors.

The best traps you can get are those that are crack resistant or made from polypropylene that can withstand up to 800 pounds.

Bed Bug Traps You Should Try

Using bed bug traps is both affordable and easy. It will only take a few minutes to set up and detection and monitoring will start right away. It holds the bugs inside the trap, instead of repelling them and letting them retreat to their hiding places. The following are some highly recommended bed bug traps you can try:

1.      Active Traps

These are the popular CO2 traps that attempt to lure bed bugs by emitting small amounts of heat and CO2. Traps such as the Beapco Ultimate CO2 Trap, Surge and Beacon are popular options that we recommend.

Once bed bugs get into these traps, it will be impossible for them to get out. It is best that you get enough traps set up inside your room to attract as many pests as possible.

2.      Passive Traps

On the other hand, passive traps are set up near the host to catch the pests while they are on their way to their host. Since bed bugs don’t fly or jump, they have to crawl through these first. However, they won’t get anywhere near you as these traps will most likely keep the bugs from moving and crawling back to their hiding areas.

ClimbUp interceptors and diatomaceous earth are our highly recommended passive traps that you can use capture the pests.

For more options about bed bug traps, feel free to visit bedbugsos.ca. You can also send an email or give us a call if you have more inquiries about the use of traps inside your home.

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