Do Bed Bugs Spread by Jumping from Person to Person?

Do Bed Bugs Spread by Jumping from Person to Person?

do bed bugs jump from person to personCan bed bugs jump from one person to another? When asked how bed bugs can get into your home, many people assume that like other insects, bed bugs can jump or fly. However, contrary to common belief, bed bugs cannot jump or fly.

They simply crawl from one place to another, but their crawling speed is enough for them to latch onto any of your belongings or your clothing, wherever you are headed. This is their way of moving from place to place and infest any location and not by jumping from person to person.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Will bed bugs jump from person to person? No, but they can easily spread to any location by hitchhiking. So, how do they hitchhike? If you spend some time in an infested area, these bugs will latch onto your belongings, find a hiding spot, and stay there until they find a new place to transfer to.

Since you likely take public transit to get to any location, bed bugs may crawl away from you and settle onto any of the seats. At some point, they can breed there and some of the new adults may latch onto other passengers and go with them to their respective homes. They can cling onto clothes, bags, luggage or even your hair.

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Other Ways Bed Bugs Spread and Start an Infestation

Aside from public transportation, buying secondhand items and bringing them inside your home without checking them for bed bugs is also an easy way to start an infestation in your home. This is the main reason why you should first check, clean and treat these items to make sure that not a single bed bug or egg will come home with you.

If some of your family members love travelling, there is a great chance that they can also contract bed bugs from hotels, motels, or any accomodation options they get. Just spending a night at a bed bug infested room will most likely give you bed bug bites in the morning, especially if you’re allergic to them.

Without checking, you can actually get the pests lurking in your home and start settling in areas such as box springs, cracks in your furniture, and anywhere near your sleeping area just to feed on blood.

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