Do Bed Bugs Fly or Jump?

Do Bed Bugs Fly or Jump?

Do bed bugs fly? People who are confused between bed bugs and other insects often ask this question about how bed bugs move, but the answer is no. Unlike other pests, bed bugs do not have the ability to fly. Though they used to have front wings, these are now considered vestigial, which means these wings have lost their full function throughout time. Today, the front wings now look like small jointed pads that do not function except to wiggle from time to time when the bugs feed or move.

How Do Bed Bugs Move?

Bed bugs crawl. Though they are not considered fast crawlers, they can latch onto any item like gym bags and thus be carried away to another place, making it seem like they move fast.

The CO2 that your body emits when sleeping triggers bed bugs to get up and move to the source, which is your body. However, bed bugs don’t move just because they have to feed on a human. Most of the time, they just don't move at all. When feeding, a bed bug prefers that the prey (sleeping humans/hosts) is unconscious. Moving slowly reduces the risk of waking up their target.

How Fast Do They Move?

In one minute, they can crawl about three to four feet on most surfaces. You might think that it is not fast. However, in human terms, their speed is equivalent to that of an adult person sprinting. Their movement is quite similar to the ant species, which makes it quick and easy for them to look for a hiding spot and disappear in seconds.

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

Fortunately, as wingless insects, bed bugs don’t jump. Many people assume that these insects are similar to fleas that jump long distances and move from one place to another. Since bed bugs do not jump, it is possible for you to capture them by putting bed bug traps at the legs of the bed. If you see a small insect jumping around, it is safe to assume that it is most likely a flea and not a bed bug.

Also, fleas do bite, which makes it common for many to mistake it for a bed bug, though it doesn’t exactly look like one.

How to Take Advantage of Bed Bugs’ Inability to Fly or Jump

The fact that bed bugs cannot fly or jump makes bed bug traps and interceptors more effective. Among the most important products that help in capturing and trapping bed bugs are interceptors. These products are specifically designed to trap these critters as they can only climb up or access any surface through crawling.

Calling for a pest control professional for proper pest management is a must if you notice that an infestation is starting to get out of hand. Interceptors are ideal for low-level infestations, as you can make sure that there are bugs that will be trapped in the products. This will help in reducing the population of the bugs and eventually get rid of bed bugs.

How Effective are Bed Bug Interceptors for Controlling Infestations?

By simply putting the interceptors under each leg of your bed frame, you can prevent these pests from reaching you while sleeping, as they will have to crawl through these first. You can place them under any furniture near sleep areas. The interceptors have rough exteriors that allow bed bugs to climb up and fall inside the well. Once they fall in the well, it will be impossible for them to climb out, as the inner well is slick and bed bugs will keep sliding and falling inside.

Since these pests are attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide that your body emits while sleeping, they will keep falling in these traps. As more of them are trapped inside the well, you’ll know the current level of bed bug infestation in your room alone.

What makes these interceptors more effective in detecting, trapping, and controlling bed bugs is that there are various bed bug interceptors available you can use for different pieces of furniture. All it takes is for you to identify the size of the legs or posts and then pick the right size of interceptors for these items. These products discreetly monitor and detect bed bugs without affecting the overall look of your home.

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