Bed Bugs on Airplanes? It is Possible to Avoid Them

Bed Bugs on Airplanes? It is Possible to Avoid Them

You think bed bugs can only infest homes and hotels when you travel? Well, you’ve got that wrong. Unfortunately, you can get bed bugs on airplanes. Apparently they no longer settle with staying in the comfort of your bed but are now taking flight with you!

Think about this: as you are planning to relax on the plane before you arrive at your destination, these pesky little passengers are also on board to enjoy their blood meals. What’s worse, is that they can hitchhike onto any of your luggage or your clothes, and you unknowingly bring them home.

These apple seed-like insects feed off your blood and typically bite when you’re sleeping. They leave you with itchy, red patches that you’ll notice in the morning or a few days later. They’ve been rampant years ago and were mostly eliminated. However, as these pests develop a resistance to chemicals, they can now stay longer in any location and will move to new hiding places once their current habitat is exterminated.

You can now contract bed bugs almost anywhere. Aside from knowing how to avoid getting these pests at home, you should also know how you can avoid getting bed bugs while on an airplane. You may not notice them easily, but these pests can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare once you bring them from a single plane ride.

How Likely Is It to Get Bed Bugs in an Airplane?

Just as easy as it is to pick up these pests from hotels, public transportation and movie theaters, there is a great chance that you can contract them on an airplane. There are a few isolated cases where passengers of a certain airline reported getting bed bug bites after their flight.  With short breaks between flights, it might be difficult for each airline’s cleaning personnel to spot these pests and get rid of them before the next flight.

Though not all airlines pose a risk of a  bed bug infestation, you should be aware of how you can avoid them and prevent bringing them to other places. As they spread easily and multiply quickly, it is necessary to know how to prevent being the next victim of these pests. Just like the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Tips to Avoid Getting Bed Bugs on Your Next Airplane Ride

If you are reading this prior to an upcoming flight, take note of some tips to avoid getting these pests on your next travel. The following are some simple and effective tips to protect yourself from being a possible victim:

    1. Be Vigilant

      Make sure that you know how to differentiate bed bugs from other types of insects. Once you know how a bed bug looks, be vigilant and inspect your seat for any sight of the little crawlies. If you find any, make sure to let the crew know about their presence. Since you know that there are bed bugs, always keep in mind that your main goals are to not get bitten and to never bring them home with you.

      1. Cover Yourself Up

      One thing that bed bugs love as you take the seat where they’re hiding is your exposed skin - any part where they can bite you and get a full blood meal. The only way to prevent being bitten is simply by covering every inch of your exposed skin. As much as possible, wear thick clothing or a jacket if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt.
      1. Bring Something to Cover Your Seat or a Spare Seat Cover If Available

      If you have a spare seat cover at home, you may want to bring it and use it prior to sitting in your assigned seat. In the case you don’t have a spare, you can use plastic wrap to cover the seat. Yes, all eyes will surely be on you while you do this, but there is nothing better than sleeping soundly throughout the flight without the scare of bed bugs on your mind.

      1. Bring and Use Your Own Blankets and Pillows

      An additional tip - wrap your luggage with plastic to prevent bed bugs from sticking or getting inside. This can also prevent them from hitchhiking as you de-board the plane.

      As you head to your destination or home, check for flat bugs or any signs of live bed bugs that may have accessed your luggage. If you are heading home, it is best that you first check your items in the garage before entering. This way, you can get rid of the bed bugs and have your belongings heat treated in the dryer before you get inside.

      Why You Should Do the First Move

      Taking a look at these tips will keep you aware of the possibilities of bringing bed bugs into your home. In most cases, it is best to follow these tips instead of being another victim of bed bugs after your last flight.

      In the case that you get bed bugs, it is best to let the airline know about the issue. It is also highly recommended that you inform the hotels where you stayed as it will allow them to check for any signs of bed bugs if you got or brought them there.

      Try out a ZappBug Oven 2 where you can put all of your items that you have travelled with to kill any bed bugs before you put them inside your home. If you ever miss a few bugs and they get in your house, you can use do-it-yourself detecting and monitoring devices. These will help you to identify how serious the problem is and to determine the proper treatment.

      For any questions and inquiries about bed bug related devices and solutions, feel free to contact us through email or by phone and we will gladly assist you.

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