Bed Bugs Home Treatment – Is There an Effective Option to Try?

Bed Bugs Home Treatment – Is There an Effective Option to Try?

It is a given that bed bugs are among one of the most frustrating pest problems to eliminate from anyone’s home. For heavily infested homes, hiring a pest control is sometimes not enough to successfully control and get rid of bed bugs. Furthermore, it is an expensive service that many people cannot easily afford. Hence, people resort to home treatments that they can afford and can do on their own.

Though there are many available options you can use as a treatment for bed bugs at home, it is important to remember that in order to have effective treatment, everyone must do their part. For a homemade treatment for bed bugs to be effective, it takes a collective effort from everyone in the household to do their part and prevent these pests from multiplying. Not doing so will only result in serious re-infestation that can affect the well-being of everyone.

Various Options You Can Use to Come Up with An Effective Home Treatment For Bed Bugs

There are various options that you can collectively use to create a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. It is essential that you use the treatments continuously until the pests slowly disappear from your home. Yes, it will take a long time to get the results that you want, but all efforts will be worth it. To get started, take a look at the following options you can use at home to treat bed bugs:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

You have probably heard about the effects of diatomaceous earth once it comes to contact with bed bugs. It is not only effective for bed bugs but for other pests as well. This means that you get a multipurpose powder to kill bed bugs and other insects inside your home.

Diatomaceous earth dehydrates bed bugs as they cross areas where the powder was applied. Applying powder on areas where bed bugs usually pass through will result in seeing dead bugs in a few days. This will allow you to vacuum them easily when cleaning. You should also apply the powder on cracks and crevices to reach bed bugs hiding in such areas and prevent them from coming out and moving out.

  1. Regular Vacuuming

Adding a to your home treatment will make it easier to deal with bed bugs. For items you can’t wash, vacuuming will help to capture bed bugs, their nymphs, and eggs from any surface. Since bed bugs can easily hide in almost any narrow space, regular vacuuming will help in reaching these areas and where bed bugs are hiding. You can also use this to clean electric appliances. Since HEPA vacuums have special immediate containment, you can simply dispose of the filter and vacuum bag without the risk of spreading bed bugs.

  1. Steam Cleaning

Find an effective steam cleaner that you can use for your home treatment to kill bed bugs. The heat coming from the steam cleaner is effective enough to kill bed bugs upon contact and penetrate several layers of any pieces of furniture. Exposing these pests to high heat simply kills them and prevents them from moving to other locations.

  1. All-Natural Homemade Spray

Instead of dangerous insecticides, you can make an all-natural bed bug treatment using ingredients you can find in your home. Create a spray by mixing a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, grated ginger, and oregano essential oil with a cup of water in a pan. Bring to a boil and use the solution to spray on potential bed bug hiding spots. The strong scent of oregano will make the mixture potent enough to get rid of bed bugs.

Another spray solution you can try is filling a spray bottle with water and adding at least 15 drops of lavender oil and another 15 drops of peppermint oil. Spray it on infested parts of your home and you will notice a difference in the presence of bed bugs within a few days.

  1. Protect Your Bed and Furniture

You can use bed bug mattress covers, pillowcases, and box spring covers to protect your entire bed from these pests. As for furniture, you can use encasements to prevent bed bugs from climbing on it and prevent those hiding in the furniture to come out and move to other hiding spots.

Using any of the treatments mentioned above will help you deal with your bed bug problem and prevent them from coming back. Once you notice that your treatments have worked, it is recommended that you continuously monitor their presence to prevent another possible bed bug infestation.

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